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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Symbian Belle - The advantages and disadvantages as well as understanding what it is Symbian Belle

A few moments ago, Nokia finally officially announced the presence of Symbian Belle, the latest operating system Symbian-based successor to Anna.

Belle Symbian OS includes several improvements in the Symbian OS which according to Nokia Symbian operating system known as the most competitive and the smoothest ever made to date. From this statement it is known that Belle is more focused on appearance when compared with Anna.

The display now consists of six front panel display, not three like Anna. Widgets in each of these display boards will be available in five different sizes, are not uniform as in Anna and Symbian ^ 3.

This widget can also be changed in size in a more flexibleDisplay the main menu Belle looks flat, can be rolled up vertically. Shortcut (shortcut) applications are placed in the same screen and without folders. How to multitasking operating also changed.

Users can switch between images Belle significantly between applications without the need for the task switcher. Unfortunately this feature is not currently displayed picture in the demo.

Another big change is the presence of the pull-down menu for notification on any screen, as contained in the notification area of ​​the Android and Apple. This menu can also be converted to a control operation such as the use of wifi, Bluetooth, up to silent mode.

Belle also supports the plan in the features of the Nokia NFC. Pairing can be done easily, simply by activating the NFC in the two handsets as well as with other devices antarponsel. To decide the pairing then simply done by touching NFC option once again. This operation ever seen on the N9 which connects to the wireless speakers NFC, which is currently also provided by Nokia in the form of a headset is Nokia Essence.

Belle lock screen has also been updated. In this version the user can add color wallpapers and notification if there is an overlooked event. In addition there are also several new applications from Microsoft such as Lync, SharePoint, OneNote, PowerPoint Exchange ActiveSync and Broadcaster.

Symbian Belle is available on the latest handsets namely Nokia series 600, 700 and 701.

As for old handsets will be given later though Nokia has not said the exact date of the plan update.

Various improvements and reforms undertaken in Symbian Nokia makes Symbian Belle is considered more and more like Android.

Some features of the exemplary instance is the widget that can be resized, flat menu, until the notification area.

This fact seemed to distort the statement earlier that Nokia executives said that using Android is like a man who wet the bed.

Is Symbian latest Belle with all the advantages and advantages of this are able to raise the prestige of the Symbian OS which has impressed rigid, unlike Android which claimed more good and great?

It's not about good or not. Needs are often disregarded when choosing the type of OS phones to be selected.

Hopefully you did not participate drift / trend alias just went along without knowing exactly how and what kind of device that you hold.

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