Monday, December 5, 2011


Gale Duos Samsung (SCH-W139) carrying the dual mode is important; GSM and CDMA. However, when about to call, we have to choose one card active because of the Duos Gale only available a Call button. Or the user can also set one of the cards as the default shortcut menu through which a hash mark (#)

As many of us find that market, which is focused phones to reach low-level entry segement will impact on the reduction of some features of this phone multimedia.Meski can be inserted microSD card up to 4GB, but from the multimedia side, he is not equipped with a camera. Automatic mobile phone that uses 2-inch wide screen can only be used for listening to music, set the radio as well as the standard communication medium. Although available in a folder communcation Twitter, but the application of social networking sites can only be opened via the CDMA network. Facebook? No one. If you would like to open facebook with a comfortable, buy a HP D938 ajah Dezzo Touchscreen TV Plus Projectors Cheap Prices, lolz. After all, the price of the two are not far adrift.

When about to connect to the computer, usually we always use a data cable. However, to transfer the media on this one, in the sales package is not provided so it must buy it separately. As a solution the user can store data via a microSD card in sales package is not even available (yet again have to buy separately). This is reasonable considering the Samsung SCH-W139 ​​supports GSM and CDMA are only priced at the rate Rp625.000, -

- GSM (900/1800 MHz) Unlock all GSM operator Indonesia (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three, Axis)
- CDMA (800 MHz) Unlock all CDMA operator Indonesia (Esia, Flexi, Starone, smartfren who had 800 MHz)
- Screen 2 inch TFT 262K colors
- The size of 114.9 mm x 14.1 mm x 47.8MM
- Dual SIM Card ON
- Capacity 300 SMS
- FM Radio with recording
- Mp3 Player
- Bluetooth (only as a medium for file sharing)
- Micro SD (suppoert up to 4GB)
- Port Charger shape instead of a micro usb (samsung has its own)
- USB cable must be purchased separately

Package Purchase:
- HP Samsung W139
- Battery
- Charger
- Handsfree
- User Manual
- Warranty Card

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Israel said...

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Naum Franpos said...

You can also give your business phone a 1300 number for you to maximize the use of your phones in a business purposes

Naum Franpos said...

Wow very entertaining post. Ive notice that there are many 1300 Number in Australia that giving to a business to give them many clients. Most busineses are using smart numbers to easily remember by their clients. Thanks

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