Monday, December 5, 2011


Many do not know how well mencharger mobile phone, so many people are complaining because the battery often drop, with this I would like to share experiences on: Tips Battery and Charger Mobile Use good.

Here are some practical tips on usage:

- Battery type Ni-Cad, Ni-MH (seldom used): you should charge the battery when the battery is almost exhausted condition. This is to prevent the "memory effect" which result in rapid battery drop.

- Battery type Li-Ion, Li-Poly charge batterynya can be done anytime (no need to wait for the battery is running low). Battery life is precisely the type is determined by how many times the battery charged. So the more often charged then the shorter the life / durability batterynya.

- Periodically clean the battery with the help cutton pin bud and pin alkohol.Karena when dirty because dust / battery leaking then it will result in difficult hp hp is turned on or off-die.

- We recommend using the battery & charger original / native of Mobile vendor. If forced to replace it, note the similarity between the technical specification & charger original battery with a replacement. Speknya can be seen on battery or charger label. For example: voltage (V) input, the output voltage, output current (mA) it (charger).

- Immediately off the charger if the battery is full. Some vendors have completed Mobile and Mobile charger with circuit protector so that when the battery is full (full charge) then the automatic charging process will stop.

- When using a car charger should not be too often because of car batteries taking power source. There is the possibility of battery charge in a state of full charge false. Hp charge should be done by connecting to the PLN because of the current generated different batteries and PLN.

- We try not mengulung charger cable in a bent position because it will damage the cable / connector.

- Clean the connector regularly Mobile charger and connector systems for optimal charging process.

The use of such tips Battery and Charger Mobile. Hopefully useful and beneficial.

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