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Friday, March 11, 2011

'BarackBerry', Mr Obama BlackBerry Specials

Sectera Edge is a communication device that has been certified by the NSA that are believed to be a substitute for BB Obama in the presidential communication. One of the key security Sectera Edge is because the network uses SIPRNet (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network) separately and not combined with other conventional communication networks.

Sectera Edge can take advantage of the three communication modules, namely Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA. In addition, he has the advantage of dustproof, waterproof, resistant to extreme weather changes and shock resistant if dropped from a height where 4 feet into the hard surface is still functioning properly.

Surprisingly, the Sectera Edge uses Microsoft Windows Mobile OS on it which includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Windows Media Player. Although the world's computer operating system Windows is the most attacked by viruses, but in the cellular world was the most attacked by the virus turns out to be a majority of the Symbian operating system and distribution use of Bluetooth and memory card.

This is a logical consequence of which operating system is the most seductive virus maker not point to any particular brand but the most popular operating system for virus makers will target the potential victim the most.

It should be reiterated that the Sectera Edge, despite often spoofed as 'BarrackBerry', it has nothing to do with BlackBerry. Blackberry is a product of Canada's RIM Blackberry operating system, while the Sectera Edge is a product of General Dynamics, a military contractor who subscribed the U.S. government uses the Windows Mobile operating system.

Talk Secure

Security is inversely proportional to convenience, as well as to be received by users Sectera Edge. In addition to their large size and resembling clogs and resilient so that it can still function despite being used to throw the chief villain, not just communication devices can be connected with the Sectera Edge.

For example, because the voice data is encrypted, then to listen to the voice of his interlocutor must also use a device that can decrypt the encrypted data. So his interlocutor should use the Sectera Edge GSM compatible phone or regular phone conversations which have the ability to decrypt the encrypted Sectera Edge.

This feature is called Secure Talk. In theory, a way to know the data is encrypted with a key and decryption key possibilities being looked into by parties interested in defeating the security Sectera Edge Talk Secure this technology (both software and hardware).

In addition, there is an unpleasant thing for Obama to use Sectera Edge, the bandwidth SIPRNet guarded by the U.S. Department of Defense, where all data communication is supervised by a board of trustees in charge of filtering and measuring the security level of data flows.

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