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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

6 Best-Selling Android phone

Indonesia will interest most people is being android hp high-high. It is based on data from a number of stores reap many benefits from the sale of several Android-based smart phones. This is reasonable considering the current Android-based gadgets, especially mobile phones is becoming a new trend. We easily find some junior high kids carrying android phone from various vendors. But most of them chose Samsung as an option. This may not be separated from Samsung that bombards market penetration with products ranging from lower class to upper class. Just look at the Samsung Galaxy Mini is advertised through a glass screen. This is certainly an impact on the mobile phone sales quantity.

Well if my friend wants to know what cell phones most in demand currently? Let's find out together.

We start from the lowest price of the Samsung Galaxy Mini. No one is when the phones are shots of the Android lovers. The price is cheap, plus the touch screen of course the main attraction. Moreover, the features in it fairly complete. Price USD 1.35 million

The second is the Huawei Ideos X1. Although not made by global vendors, but in fact this one smartphone that offers a performance that can not be viewed remeh.Kalau I may compare, its performance is nearly equivalent to Samsung Galaxy Mini. Price Rp1.200.000, -

The third is the Motorola Defy. Android phone is suitable for you that a lot of outdoor activities. Resistance to dust and water splashes and gorilla glass screen technology represents the excess of the Motorola Defy. Price Rp 3,600,000, -

The fourth re-occupied by Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Touch screen phone with full connectivity. Price of USD 3.6 million

The fifth cell phones coming from LG. This time LG Optimus Black P970 products in the list of best-selling Android phones. Bodi steady mantab features. Price Rp 3,600,000, -

Samsung Galaxy Tab which is a blend of smart phones and tablets at most hunted man. Moreover, the current tablet that can be upgraded to this version of Gingerbread priced at Rp 5.4 million. Were much reduced. January last I make up for this 7-inch tablet with Rp7 million'sprice!

Taiwanese mobile phone vendor, HTC also not spared from the target consumer. Through the Desire series, hp android is included in the list of best selling phones this year even though the price is Rp 6.000.000, --source edition phone 195 - See also 5 Android Phone Price million's

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