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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

7 This type of iPhone users: Which Are You?

7 This type of iPhone users: Which Are You?
Apple should be recognized is one gadget that is always leading manufacturers in bringing innovative devices. Look at how they managed to set high standards for the devices through the iPod music players, mobile phones through the iPhone, and the tablet through the iPad. All Apple products are a major inspiration for the birth of the various devices that were born from the hands of the other competitor companies. Not surprisingly, Apple has always managed to suck up the attention of the gadget enthusiast, regardless of any new devices that they launch. With elegant design and features a maximum it has, who can resist?

In developed countries, the phenomenon of love on devices like the iPhone and iPad also became a phenomenon in itself. Apple's fan base grew stronger along with the ever-expanding knowledge and awareness of quality technological devices. Queued and tried to get the latest gadget of Apple became familiar sights in Indonesia, although the price offered is not affordable for most people here bag. One is the iPhone that is now beginning to shift the position of the prestigious Blackberry as a phone. This phone is now not only develop as a mere communication tool but also a symbol of prestige and lifestyle that can not be separated.

The more rampant the iPhone in the ground water of course, gave birth to some classes of users who have their motives when buying Apple's advanced devices. Of which just went along with friends until the device is needed to support mobility. All variations of the user that it can be grouped into seven main sections. The main question, which one are you?


Fanboy is a strong word, just a few centimeters from the excessive fanaticism. For this group, the Apple is the best and no alternative other than Apple's device. Even so to speak, their life is in Apple's own. One characteristic that is quite clear is that they have almost all of the iPhone mobile phone is already old, always the first to migrate to the latest version, is active in various Mac forums, proudly wearing that said Apple, and certainly knows the ins and outs of anything related to Apple . For them, Apple is like a religion.

Trend Followers

As the name suggests, this class contains iPhone users who buy this device on the basis of mere trends. They did not care and bother about the capabilities are able to produce an iPhone. For them, the important thing is to look stylish and be seen as someone who is updated with the latest technology. Characteristics is that they use the iPhone just for phone and sms, not download many applications, not even using it as a music player. However the latest version of the iPhone release on the market, they will be the first to buy it.


Overuser is an excess of iPhone users, even more than a fanboy. If fanboy using the device for a specific purpose and generally working effectively and efficiently, a Overuser use the iPhone for almost everything, even including things that are uncomfortable to do. Characteristics: he uses his iPhone for all the things he could do - including work, never separated from her iPhone, always look at the screen of this phone wherever she goes, cut off from contacts outside world, even to the bathroom though.


For those users who already use a Blackberry, it is difficult to escape from this device, mainly because of the ability and ease of work that he has to offer. However, the desire to keep updated with the latest technology also makes the Blackberry users are buying the phone the other as a support tool. The most obvious result? They still do all the things with the Blackberry, and just use their new iPhone to take photos and listen to music. Something that you can get with a cheaper iPod.


This is probably the most massive type of iPhone users in Indonesia. Once holding his new iPhone for the first time and see the variety of exciting paid applications on the App Store, this class is usually directly perform the jailbreak process to get all these apps for free. Not only that, the hacker also usually understand about supporting applications that can be used for personal interests, such as stealing wi-fi signal to others. One of its main characteristics are often forced the fanboy to do the jailbreak on their devices.


This type is probably the strangest among the strangest. You will see many parents who force themselves to use these sophisticated devices, although they do not really understand how to make this. They'll type very slowly, looking at the iPhone screen as the screen is too small, speaks very loudly, and often do not hear a loud ringtone that floated from their pants pockets. This group certainly does not apply only to those who are elderly, but also for those who are young but it behaves the same. For what you've got an iPhone?

Handyman Complaints

Have you ever heard of someone who is always complaining about the weakness of the iPhone in front of other friends? Than just the antenna problem, application support, virtual keyboard discomfort, to a few other complaints. But strangely, this group can always use the iPhone wherever they go, contrary to what they are always complaining about. Although often complain, this class must also be in the ranks of the first queue to obtain the latest device the iPhone. Hypocrite?

IPhone users from the seven above, including those that are you?

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