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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Battery Saving Tips On Android

In addition to interesting things that can be obtained from an Android-based phones, smartphones sometimes this one too often 'make sad'. Why not, sometimes we have to deduct 2 times a day, even more. Why Android phone battery fast wasteful?

There are several factors that affect the speed is reduced Android battery power, can be grouped in three things:

1. Display and menus
Average width dimension Android phone display to adopt touchscren function. It is convenient to use, but also wasteful of resources. Moreover, if we carelessly setting up the display brightness (brightness), often using the touchscreen functions, using the live wallpaper, homescreen widgets that provide much

2. Internet and continuously updating If you use unlimited internet connection and activate the facebook and twitter, diligent to open the browser, or play video youtube, then address your battery is going to run out quickly.

3. Offal phones, Android phones with a more friendly processor power, display efisein, connectivity does not eat a lot of energy will certainly be used much longer than the old school with an extravagant android battery resistive ancient sailing.

4. User habits, Do not blame the Android. Your habits can cause the batteries run out quickly. A case of watching a movie (HD again!), Charge too long, playing loud music, playing games excessively. All will make Android the energy quickly depleted.

So how fast is that Android battery runs out? The following tips are tested to the Android slap for your pet.

1. Turn off animations and widgets for power-consuming enough. Live wallpapers, widgets with animatif icons, widgets marker of time (anyway there are a small clock on the top bar), if not really necessary is better not used.

2. Dark it helps. Use wallpaper with darker colors, setting brightness / contrast the appropriate use of the launcher with simple colors help you save battery life Android.

3. Set duration. Set the time interval access If you are forced to put up a widget that constantly access the internet like facebook, twitter, or weather forecasts. Autosync feature, can also set the duration for example every 15 minutes or 1 hour. If it does not really matter, you can menguodatenya setaip manually when you want it.

4. Use 2G mode for low signal areas
If your location is 'byar-pet' in getting a 3G signal, you adjust the setting was better to 2G networks. If you still insist on wearing the setting 3G or 2G & 3G, then the android you will work harder to switch-over to find the best network signal to be had. Certainly will affect directly to the battery.

5. Turn off the connection. GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi has a greedy nature of power. Turn off when not needed through the settings menu

6. Install a battery-saving applications. There is an application which can directly reduce power consumption. There is also, indirectly, for example by helping to shut down the Internet connection when not needed. We call it a number of applications APNdroid, Juice Defender (free in the market), and Green Power Premium.

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