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Thursday, December 29, 2011

History of Nokia

Nokia Corporation is the largest telecom equipment manufacturers in the world and is the biggest company in Finland. Its headquarters are in the city of Espoo, Finland, and the company is best known through his cell phone products. Nokia produces mobile phones for all major market and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA (UMTS)....

History of Nokia

Nokia said the name comes from a community that lives in rivers Emakoski in Southern Finland. Nokia was founded as the company's pulp mill by Fredrik Idestam in 1865. Finnish Rubber Company then set up factories in the surrounding region at the beginning of the 20th century and start using the Nokia brand.
Shortly after usainya World War I, Finnish Rubber Company acquired the Nokia Wood Mill Company and Finnish Cable Company (a manufacturer of telephone and telegraph wires). These three companies were merged into Nokia Corporation in 1967. Later developed into the machine pulp and paper manufacturer in 1920 and is a leading paper manufacturer in Europe.

In the 1950's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Björn Westerlund predict that the future growth of some sectors of pulp and paper will be limited and instead built an electronics division in the factory wiring Helsinki, from where the embryo started to lead to seluluer sector. For 15 years probation Nokia electronics experience from a variety of errors. However, of all the mistakes and experiment, gradually just woke up from a collection of substantial skills of talented experts. In the 1970s Nokia and Salora TV manufacturers joined forces to develop mobile phones (cell phones).

In the 1980's all integrated into Nokia Salora. At the same time Nokia get a call from network operations Televa Government Telecommunications Company. However, not all the efforts made Nokia a leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world a success. In the 1980s the company bought the factory German television, SEL, but was forced to leave because they do not run smoothly.
In early 1981, Nokia had launched a product called Nordic Mobile Telephony (NMT). NMT is the first multinational cellular network in the world. Therefore, throughout the 1980s, NMT was introduced to a number of countries and got overwhelming response.

Then in the early 1990s, Nokia had experienced a crisis, but the new CEO, Jorma Ollila, decided to focus on cell phones and telephone networks. The result, the first GSM phone in the world emerged in Finland in 1991. Then the global mobile phone market began to grow very rapidly in the mid-1990s and a number of Nokia products into one.

Now as much as the Nokia 2100 series phones gain success. The sales target of 500 thousand units achieved in 1994. With a work force of 54 thousand people, Nokia products sold in 130 countries. Now maybe everyone know cell phones are easy to operate is a Nokia, because Nokia's motto.
Since the first country Finland is highly dependent on the forest is in the form of wood, sperti has been said by one party the Department of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Jyrki Vesikansa, "We used to live off the forest, but now we can add the Nokia".
On August 15, 2007, Nokia centers conduct a recall of BL-5C battery, one of the most popular battery for Nokia mobile phones at this time.

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