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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Newest Mobile 2010

Google Phone or Mobile output grandmother Google will soon be marketed in 2010. The first Google Phone is named Nexus One, the second product may be given the name Nexus Two, the third product called Nexus Three and so on. hahahaha. There are some special things from the Google Phone is, until its presence is eagerly awaited.

The first,

Nexus is designed directly in its entirety by the Google. Both the physical design, hardware, until all the applications that will run inside the Google Phone is. Operating systems that carried Nexus called Google Android. While the makers of the Google Phone is a Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC.

The second,
Google Phone is marketed directly by Google itself online.

I myself was very curious about the content of the Google Phone to how aplikasi2 that runs in it. Reportedly still have dibagi2kan Nexus for free to all Google employees worldwide. Unfortunately I have friends nda Google so people can not ask questions?

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