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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plus Minus Nokia E90

3G Communicator (Nokia E90) successfully captured the hearts of mobile lovers all over the world, even when its appearance is still a rumor. Perfection features touted as one cause. Besides, of course its equipment "communicator" who overdo identical with the symbol of the establishment. No doubt if the initial launch, the Indonesian people have to queue up to 8 hours duration.

The amount of public interest catapulted cellular homeland cash price of the Nokia E90 to a level of 15 million or around 4 million more expensive than the original price of 10.9 million. The question is, whether the Nokia E90 is worthy of respect is so high? As an illustration, the price of 15 million you can get a MacBook Pro equipped with an intel core 2 duo processor. So what makes the Nokia E90 so loved? More precisely, we consider the following special test.


It's fun to have phones that have two way, one regular and one mobile phone a portable computer. Interestingly again, Nokia managed to combine both in a form factor that was almost perfect. Not only is ergonomic (for a smartphone) but also able to create an impression of luxury and shopisticated. No less important is the convenience of use provided by the Nokia E90. Either through the user interface is easy to use (S60 Platform 3.1 Edition Symbian OS Version 9.2) as well as the input method and screen that is ideal for mobile devices. This communicator style folding design excellence.


Hinges are more stylish, elegant color (mocha and red), solid ergonomic design, full qwerty, the two sides both of which works best


Hmm ... so far so good


What you need from a mobile phone? Communication with several people at once using the speakerphone facilities, communications one hand like a normal mobile phone, SMS, MMS, Email, Chat, Push To Talk, make calls simply by reciting the name in the phonebook, communicating through the Internet (VoIP) or call video over the 3G network? To be sure, almost any type of communication you can do with the Nokia E90. That is, Nokia E90, the phone is intended to support business activities, it does not forget its basic functions as a communication tool. Complete the fullest.


Speakerphone, video calling, conference calling, internet calls, PTT, voice dialing, SMS, MMS, Audio Message, Email with attachment (Supports POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP), Instant Message, Vibrate


Although already anticipated by sinking Airfax applications, outage fax features similar to the previous communicator Nokia E90 sdikit reduce perfection.


Nokia E90 using the TI OMAP2420 processor, 330 MHz (the same as the N93i and N95). Compared with the previous communicator, the Nokia E90's performance a little better. At a minimum, you will not see a white screen every time you switch applications (occurring on the Nokia 9500 and 9300). Yup! Process open and close applications on the Nokia E90 is smooth and fast as a regular cell phone. Interestingly, you can open several applications at the same time comfortably. It's not out of available memory or surgery commonly called RAM with a capacity of 128 MB. For a phone, the amount of RAM Nokia E90 somewhat remarkable. Which is also not less interesting is the synchronization between the user interface in an external screen with the internal screen. That is, the look and functionality on both screens equally Nokia E90 maximum. So you can ngoprek all existing features on the Nokia E90 using an external display. And so the fold is opened, the internal screen display automatically follow or equal to the external display. Interesting!


Faster processor, 128 MB RAM, Compatible with S60 3rd Edition software, the user interface is easy to use.


There are some simplifications communicator than previous functions (display HTML in email is not as good as the Nokia 930)


Nokia E90 not only immerse variety of features associated with the activities of the office but also to be more comfortable working in the office. This is the advantage not shared by similar devices.

Form Factor

Communicator-style folding design perfect for a fairly mobile office device. In addition to providing space that is roomy enough for the input method and screen, folding design communicator is also not burden the overall appearance. You could say, communiactor, especially the Nokia E90, managed to fuse matching the look and convenience of use.


180-degree folding design, the input method area, wide screen and high quality, luxurious and sturdy design



Input Method

Compared to the previous communicator or other similar devices, the Nokia E90 keyboard spelled out the most convenient. Berpenampang buttons are spacious and have an almost perfect mechanical touch. Not only easy to use but also comfortable for dipijak.

Looking soft roomy keypad, full QWERTY keyboard, backlight, easy to use

Less shortcut

Office Features

The availability of the wide screen and a convenient input method is the most appropriate habitat for bermukimnya office features such as Quick Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Adobe reader, active notes, and various other PIM features. As far as the test we did, we were quite satisfied with the functionality of existing office in the Nokia E90. These include the availability of HSDPA, WEB browser and push email which certainly could support the mobility of professionals.


Quick office (read & edit), active notes, complete PIM, printers, wireless keyboards, AirFax




Nokia E90 is equipped with almost all types of connectivity that was developing at this time. Starting from close range connectivity like USB 2.0, infrared, Bluetooth 2.0 and WLAN support UPnP protocol, up to a kind of long-distance connectivity GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, and GPS. As a result, we are having trouble finding deficiencies in terms of connectivity the Nokia E90. Unless our records about the unavailability of a map or a minimum of Java Indonesia to support the GPS application. The rest, complete!


Although not intended as a multimedia phone, the features and quality, the Nokia E90 is a capable multimedia device. This can be seen from the range of features associated with imaging, audio, and video. Here are some of our records about the multimedia features of Nokia E90.


Completeness of imaging features are marked with buried E90 3.2 MP resolution camera that is equipped with autofocus. In quality, the E90 camera is still under the Nokia N95 or Nokia N93. Originality is a bit off color, in the sense of color is not as bright as the original object. But it is not too disturbing because commonly experienced by a cell phone camera. A bit annoying camera button instead that we think are too small and sometimes difficult to perform image capture. Especially to be steady on when setting the focus (press half) and take photos (full press).


Widescreen color rich, the external screen which has the same capability with the internal display, 3.2 MP camera, video recording (VGA, 30 frames / s), active standby, split viewfinder on the gallery, theme


The camera button is too small, without the feature image editor


Two speakers are embedded in the nelakang E90 is capable of producing sounds loud and clear. His voice is not broken, even when the volume at maximum level. For a music player, music player features rely E90 and FM Radio. The facility is also equipped with Bluetooth A2DP which allows the E90 menstreaming stereo audio to a stereo bluetooth headset.


Complete music player with equalizer, FM radio, stereo speakers, bluetooth A2DP, 3D tones, audio recording, voice commands, 2.5 mm audio jack


Without the music


Measuring 4 inches wide screen that is able to emit 16 million colors to make the video feature feels more leverage. Especially when used to watch widescreen video format with a full view (fullscreen). Feel watching a DVD on the LCD TV. But before that, make sure that the video you play has been converted into MP4 or 3GP formats.


Widescreen with fullscreen, Real Player


audio and picture out of sync when playing his video frame rate 30 frames / s.


In features, the Nokia E90 Communicator is no more complete than the Nokia N95. But if we speak of functions, features that are embedded into the Nokia E90 feels more comfortable to be maximized. Starting from the features supported by the office is equipped with backlight keyboard, multimedia features supported by the wide screen and stereo speakers enhanced connectivity to the screen, input methods and applications is also a capable browser. In essence, the combination of design and variety of features that are embedded into the Nokia E90 is more effective and applicable than the Nokia N95 or other devices in the same class.

Technical Profile

GSM / WCDMA 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz

Dimensions 132x57x20 mm

Weight 210 grams

Display 4 "TFT 16 million colors, 800 × 352 pixels / 2" TFT 16 million colors, 240 x 320 pixels

Battery Lithium Ion 1500 mAh (BP 4L)

Standby up to 300 hrs

Talk Time up to 300 mins

Memory 128 MB RAM, 128 MB internal memory + microSD

Connectivity WLAN, Mini USB (USB 2.0 full-speed), Bluetooth v2.0 (A2DP), Infrared, GPRS / EGPRS (Class A, MSC 32), HSDPA


Camera 3.2 megapixel camera, flash, autofocus, scene modes (close-up mode, portrait, landscape, sports, night, night portrait), self timer, Multishot, white balance (auot, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent), color tone (normal, sepia, BW, vivid, negative), ISO, contrast, sharpness, Video Record (MP4 & 3GP, VGA Resolution, 30 frames / s, depend on memory duration), QCIF camera for video calling

Audio Player ringtones (64 chord, 3D Tones, AAC, AAC + eAAC +, H.263, H.264, WMA Audio files), Music Player (play via bluetooth, equalizer, MP3/AAC), FM Radio

Real Player Video player (3GP, MP4), Full Screen Video Playback, Flash Player

Media Editor -

Display Feature Standby mode, screen saver, power saver, sleep mode, indicator light, font size, theme

Downloadable games

Other Featured

Operating System S60 Platform 3.1 Edition Symbian OS Version 9.2

Integrated GPS

Call Functions Speakerphone, video calls, conference calling, internet calls, PTT, voice dial

Messaging SMS, MMS, Audio Message, Email with attachment (Supports POP3, IMAP4, and SMTP), Instant Message

Contact multiple entry phonebook

Browser Web browser (x) HTML, JavaScript 1.3 and 1.5 supported, Flash Lite 2.0 supported

PIM alarm clock, calendar, to do lists, notes, countdown timer, stopwatch, search, converter, active notes

Quickoffice applications, Setting wizard, Adobe PDF, dictionary, podcasting, airfax, datamover, benefits, ZIP, Printers, Wireless Keyboard, Barcode, Voice Command, Speech, Voice Aid, Java ™ MIDP 2.0

That want to Make ...

powerful ARM11-based TI OMAP2420, 330 MHz processor
128 MB RAM, 80 MB of available, convenient for multitasking
built-in GPS receiver
Display 4 "TFT 16 million colors, 800 × 352 pixels
fully functional external display
The keyboard is equipped with backlight
quadband GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 2100
Wireless LAN 802.11 b / g 54 Mbps
Bluetooth 2.0 support A2DP porfile
3.2 MP camera complete with autofocus
TV-quality video recording (VGA resolution, 30 frames / s)
Sturdy design is classy
Compatible with S60 3rd Edition software
Full multimedia features

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