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This is the surefire Tips Buying a new Blackberry, hopefully with these tips you can be more in buying new Blackberry, I hope these tips helpful.

The easiest way is to buy direct from the operator, because the current major operators in Indonesia have had a lot of advertisements about the latest product launch blackberry, you can visit their stores even now blackberries products can be directly ordered online.

BB paketan of operators, usually cheap, and can be repaid anyway. If you have a credit card, auto debit enough alone bill for a year into the credit card that you now have.
But, not all people have more money and credit cards, the second choice fell on buying either BB BN1B warranty or the Black Market. Acer is usually free from disease and bondage suspend PIN IT policy.Tapi the matter of the new BB is, the legality of whether the correct PIN and BB do not you buy it 100% new?

Steps To Buying a New BlackBerry:
If the store where you purchased this is an honest shop, then he will say that they sell BB status. Is the BM and 100% new alias stock imported from overseas carriers (AT & T, and others), Acer, BB 14 Days, or refurbished BB.
The most expensive of course Black Market 100% of the overseas operators (wrapped), then Brand New In Box (100% new but out of the box) and two further categories would have been ex-BB is BB. Just make sure your stay is, the truth of the words the seller had.
Before embarking on a shopping trip, make sure you must have a SIM card which is listed on BlackBerry services from your service subscription. No need to have a BlackBerry smartphone for BlackBerry service register of operators. The trick is easy, you just go to the operator service outlets that you now wear. Register your SIM card, and done already!

Step 1: Find the Best Price Fit In Pockets
If you are looking for a new BB and 100% official, the office of your subscription service is the goal utama.Tapi If you want a slightly cheaper price, then the new BlackBerry BM 100% can you pilih.Tentu how the price was different from the Official BB.
Look for BB in accordance with the criteria that you choose to all the stores that offer BlackBerry. If there is a store that the price is right, then proceed to the next stage.

Step 2: Check Box Packaging and Fittings
Typically, the BlackBerry BM which is 100% new homemade box that has a shape and color is almost uniform in all stores. Because these stores have the same supplier. Look for the BlackBerry BM with a box of the most convincing and best among all the existing store.
If you happen to buy a BlackBerry Acer, it's easier to check its completeness. Look at the picture, the original BlackBerry foreign-owned carriers (AT & T) has a typical completeness. Namely Orange-colored box, with charger plug using the plug connector 3 feet or flat. This connector is clearly not used in a standard outlet in Indonesia. Then the IMEI sticker tacked neatly in boxes, and no trace of fade or accumulate on the IMEI sticker which already existed in these boxes. Kalu there are signs, then the BB IMEI is likely to have been tricked, so the solution can be in another store.

Step 3: IMEI In The Box and BlackBerry There should be Neat and Same
To see IMEI, just read the IMEI in the box, then check the IMEI sticker is behind the BlackBerry that you will buy (same as imei sticker on a regular cell phone). If the same, then everything fits, you live check, whether the IMEI sticker is genuine or fake. BB IMEI usually have the prefix 2 and 3, for the old type using the prefix digit 1.
The original sticker, will be stuck with a neat parallel with the SIM slot and MMC slot, so no width and origin outboard like the one in this picture.

Step 4: Ask About Warranty and Warranty
The next step is to ask about the warranty from the seller, if you buy the BlackBerry that will not be able to access the BlackBerry server service from your provider. Or it could be bought and tried it after BB turned out to suspend or PIN is still bound to the IT policy.
What will he do, will replace with another BlackBerry, or will refund your money 100%. Ask about the warranty, is there a warranty repair or not. It all should be clear at the beginning, If all is clear, proceed to the next stage.

Step 5: Perform Checks Physical and Keypad
This stage is usually done when your BlackBerry is you pay for, because like it or not, you must turn on the BlackBerry. Useful to check the connection settings to the server and also the matter of IT policy earlier. Before paying, first check the physical, smooth without any defects or not.
After ON, see the beam screen, the new BB memilliki beam screen is bright and clear writing. If you buy a BB that was taken from the carrier (eg AT & T), then the start-up menu also has the same logo that is AT & T. If the star-up is different, then you should be suspicious.
BB is still not used at all, still good keypad is pressed, just do a test by writing an SMS, e-mail, and other activities, If the keypad feels solid is pressed, the time to examine the life time of the BB that you will buy.
Sign In Options>> Status and type BUYR, it will display the information below.
If the Data and Voice usage is 0.0 then the BB is still not used at all. Then continue the next step.

Step 6: Check the Validate PIN
This step is useful to know your PIN is not twin with a PIN from any other BB. Term to avoid the PIN "stuck" together by examining how the PIN and PIN Suspend stuck like to buy a BlackBerry in the guide marks on the top.
If proven new BB that you will buy this disease Suspend PIN or PIN stuck. Then there is no other way, other than replacing the unit with another unit, with a PIN that is still free from contamination.

And survived so many to choose ....!

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