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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tips When Mobile Phone fell

What should be done if the phone accidentally fell. Whereas most mobile phones have no resistance to vibration. Following these tips.

1. When the phone fell to the position of the parts apart. Try to set it up again and turn it on.

2. When the phone crashed and was still in one piece and not be separated, try to shake your phone, if no sound from the mobile phone means no loose components, then the mobile phone is safe enough to be turned on again.

3. Try to turn it on, when the living conditions of mobile phones could mean significant damage does not occur. Then use the call, to find out whether an interruption in the connection process.

4. If an interruption in the connection process or not able to call. Then try to remove the casing and check whether the battery is in the correct position / not shift with the connectors.

5. Having considered the position of the battery is then try to restart it.

6. If you still do not also live there have been some significant damage on the mobile phone.

7. Damage can occur on the LCD breaks or loose connections from the connection.

8. It could also be on the screw-locking screw is the mainboard with the other components. If the position is not strong mainboard can cause connection problems.

9. To be more safe do not try to do the repair themselves when less control components for mobile phones. Bring your phone to service center, to get further treatment.

10. Although mobile phones have received services from the outlet, some phones that have been dropped may still have problems, sometimes frequently hang or die alone. If that happens, you should quickly sold.

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