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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Empathy BlackBerry, BlackBerry Future Concepts

BlackBerry design which we know has been pretty typical. Big screen, trackpad or trackball navigation features, and the average attendance with a Qwerty keypad. But, the concept of this one will probably make you stunned and not previously suspected.

BlackBerry Empathy concept that carried Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon from Art Center College of Design is much different from the concept design of the BlackBerry is currently available.

Empathy comes with a cursory physical BlackBerry phones resemble crystals and unique user interface in the form of a ring which serves to collect biometric data emotionally. It works when you connect with your friends via instant messaging (IM) and social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

Each contact will have an avatar that circled each ring two colors that show emotional data. Of course, the color of the ring is influenced by emotional contact is concerned. For example, color ring located on the inside of the show's emotional before. While the outer ring indicates a person's emotional progress.

Another important feature is the Emotional Health Chart. These charts can monitor the health of a person is emotionally diagrams in infinite time. One can see how an event, such as telephone calls, or receive a short message can affect the user's emotional. Happy, sad, angry, and so on.

If the graph shows a person is always sad, then maybe he was having problems. If allowed, users can view graphs of other users as well.

The concept is really interesting. Although not yet known what kind of technology will support it. We're sure you were curious to see your mood on the ring, or the mood of your partner know when an event occurs. Let's wait if the concept is fully realized by Research In Motion (RIM) or not.

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