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Friday, January 13, 2012

Futuristic concept phones HumanForm From Nokia

Kinetic cell phone after his show at the Nokia World event last month. Nokia Research Center is now back to show a concept phone of the future results of innovation are more futuristic concept.

HumanForm concept phone with an unusual form was developed using nanotechnology that Nokia has not explained further. Looks like this idea a serious run Nokia, as they demonstrated in commemoration of 25 years of Nokia Research Center.

Interestingly, in addition to flexible, this phone is also described as a device capable of changing its own shape. According to sources in conversations.nokia who have tried this phone says that when answering the phone with a mobile phone user does not press anything, the phone will instantly adjust your shape.

Also electro tactile surface to provide a touch-based feedback to your fingers in manipulating the surface of the device. In addition to the shape of a flexible, device is described having the ability to change shape according to the user's ear and head shape to enhance the listening experience better.

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