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Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPhone 5 is the last project Steve Jobs

According to one analyst, the iPhone 4S is not the last big project for Steve Jobs. Even Jobs could call the last project is the iPhone 5, which became a product is eagerly awaited by most fans of Apple.

CNET confirmed this with their own sources revealed that Jobs was not involved with the iPhone 4S but rather focus his energy on the iPhone 5.

Another source close to the information saying that the iPhone 5 has been redesigned "This is a very large project by Steve dedicated to dedicate all his time to the mobile phone.

Rodman & Renshaw analyst, Ashok Kumar, wrote in a research note this week that he expects the iPhone 5 being a "cult classic", with the involvement of Jobs there.

Kumar said that the phone will be more streamlined and has a larger screen size but with the same dimensions as the iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 is also expected to support the network of Long Term Evolution (LTE), or commonly referred to as 4G. According to Kumar, the appearance of the prime 5 is expected when the Apple iPhone's Developers Confrence in the summer of 2012.

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