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Friday, January 13, 2012

Mobile PHone Center-Top Features OS 5

Top Features OS 5
iPhone event held at the Apple Campus in Cupertino some time ago has been leaving little disappointment for some, rather than watching an iPhone 5 that has been anticipated, they found only the release of the iPhone 4S.

Presented by Phil Schiller, senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Apple. In fact, Apple's shares slumped as the iPhone 5 failed to appear. However, besides the release of the iPhone 4S, this event also revealed IOS 5.

WWDC event earlier this year has announced several changes to the IOS operating system 5 later. Just a reminder, here is a recap some of the more interesting features of the changes brought by IOS 5.

Siri Assistant
Siri is a voice command feature. This feature can take orders by voice. You no longer need to type anything with this feature only to find out something, such as weather forecasts or GPS for example, even looking for restaurant recommendations. You can ask him directly by voice at the Siri Assistant.

When asked about the GPS route, you will hear a female voice that tells the route on request. In fact, Siri can display the best Greek restaurant in Palo Alto. This feature works with the help of Yelp and immediately give the order of 14 sites with ratings. Wow .. features are quite impressive for a class of mobile devices.

Not only that, Siri can also read incoming SMS when you drive through the Bluetooth headset is attached. To try it you can press + hold the button on the headset, saying "Read my message" and Siri will instantly read it to you straight.

A magical, Siri is not just having the ability to remember, but also knowing. On the iPhone event, Scott Forstall demonstrated with the command "Remember to call my wife when I finished work". Siri was immediately placed reminder and know who the wife of Scott.

Users can use the Siri to anything as long as connected to the Internet, ranging from meeting reminders, directions, weather forecasts, stock, notes, and others. These superior features will be available for 3 languages, English (U.S., UK, Australia), French and German for now. Not rule out going to add more languages ​​in the future again.

This feature could be Apple's answer to RIM's fuel. iMessage integrated in the message the iPhone has the same basic functionality with fuel. Users can send messages to other iPhone users using 3G or WiFi connection. iMessage also encouraged for other IOS device. This means the user can continue the conversation through the iPad / iPod Touch when the iPhone is being charged.

In appearance, which distinguishes iMessage and SMS is the color. If the user is wearing iMessage, then the text that appears in the box reads: "iMessage" and bubbles was changed to BLUE. Push and SMS notifications between iMessage looks not much different with the same icon. It is a bit difficult to distinguish between SMS and iMesssage, but when you start the conversation it will show the color that is the main indicator to distinguish the two.

Twitter Integration
This feature is of course highly anticipated by the addict social media like Twitter. This full integration allows users to update tweet directly from the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with a single sign-in. You now no longer need to use third party applications if you want to tweet your photos and URLs. Apple's decision to choose Facebook or Twitter may be justified, because Twitter is more popular choice for micro-blogging. Well .. Say goodbye to multiple sign-ins:)

For iPad users, Safari is likely to bring tabbed browsing experience. Reading List on the iPad can be accessed as Bookmarks: simply tap on a button and save to be able to read at a later time. This update will be equipped with "Reader" which will mengilangkan "junk" unnecessary and displays the information that you will read. In it are included also all Unread tabs for easy filter articles. Safari will also be synchronized with the IOS device, such as iMessage.

Set the reminder will help you to remember everything. Applications reminder IOS 5 can alert you to the "tasks" that must be done by location. For example, you can set reminder "supermarket" to buy a few boxes of milk. When you arrive at the supermarket, the application will remind you to "duty" to buy milk. Quite easy, is not it?

Notification Center
This new form of notification is apparently not so annoying. Swipe will pull down the notification window and display various notifications, such as reminders, messages, missed calls, unread e-mails, and others.

Well, are quite satisfied with the excellent features IOS 5? Reportedly the final version the IOS 5 will begin to be launched on 12 October and is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch third generation and fourth generation. (Gopego)

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