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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review of LG Optimus Pro

LG Optimus Pro Review - Advantages Disadvantages Features and Specifications LG Optimus Pro - One of the Android mobile phone vendors are fairly consistent menggeber new handset is the LG. South Korean vendors were recently presented Optimus Pro C660, a handset that targeting lower middle class.

How is Android OS based handset capabilities Gingerbread is and what it offers? Let us further telisik.


In addition to the touch screen was quite relieved, Optimus Pro provides a full qwerty keyboard. Not a qwerty slider style but together with the screen, a trend that probably started by the Motorola Charm.

The touch screen on the Optimus Pro measuring 2.8 inches with a physical qwerty keyboard directly below. There are also four navigation buttons. All around the body, there is a usb port, the on / off, standard headset jack, and volume buttons.

Unfortunately there is no dedicated camera button so users should be satisfied splatter with the virtual keys. At the back there that said resolution 3 megapixel camera without flash and a small speaker.

Optimus Pro is made predominantly of plastics is quite ergonomic and comfortable in the hand, with curved corners. Keyboard buttons are small so it may be less comfortable for the large size of the finger. The keyboard is also pressed hard enough.


2.8-inch screen at 240x320 resolution Optimus Pro. Display the object was rough, though still relatively comfortable viewing. Operations can be said to be responsive touch screen, respond quickly to commands given through the touch of a finger.

Optimus Pro screen user interface that uses the style of the LG Optimus UI homescreen has 5 pieces. As usual, the user can add a favorite menu icons with ease in this homescreen.

The existence of a physical qwerty keyboard can be relied upon users for a variety of functions. For example, to write messages in portrait screen position, display a larger screen because the user does not need a virtual keyboard. If the user selects a horizontal position, the virtual keyboard will automatically appear.

Application in the handset menu can be accessed by shear down. As usual, Google presented the application of a complete and user can mendwonload many additional applications from the Android Market.

Optimus Pro 800MHz processor dependable. Not special enough for the average middle-class Android wear the same processor. While only 256 MB of RAM. Performance could be accounted for if a little keteteran if running multiple applications at once.

Connectivity and Camera

Browser Optimus Pro running pretty good job with shortages here and there. Low-resolution screen that makes viewing websites sometimes less good. It should be noted also that the browser does not support Adobe Flash.

Like other Android phones, Optimus Pro equipped with full connectivity. As with 3.6Mbps HSDPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth and GPS.

Turning to sector-resolution 3-megapixel camera. The picture quality is normal, sometimes not detailed and less accurate color presentation. Its setup is also standard. Standard video recorder running with 640x480 VGA resolution 24fps.

Speaker to present the music player kicking sound volume is not strong enough though. In the sector of video playback, this handset has supported MPEG-4/DivX/Xvid.

Immerse the battery-powered LG 1.500mAh on this phone. Can last approximately one and a half days in normal permakaian.


Optimus Pro does not present a particular privilege. The screen quality is less clear and ordinary cameras. But the performance is in accordance with an affordable price was a unique design. Touch screen is quite large and responsive, and is also equipped with a physical keyboard is functional. This handset can be redeemed at a price range of $ 1.7 million.

Excess LG Optimus Pro:

- The screen qwerty keyboard plus relief
- Responsive

Lack LG Optimus Pro:

- The screen is less clear
- There is no camera button

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