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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Excellence

New smart phone Samsung Galaxy S3 using 3D technology, according to insiders leaked Samsung.

Device that can display movies and 3D games on the screen, even plug-in to 3D television to 'play' 3D content such as photos.

According to Korean news page ET News, smart phones will be launched in February, and will support advanced features such as hi-tech AMOLED screen 720p HD and 2GB RAM.

Competitors Samsung, LG and HTC have first offered devices based smart phone 3D without 3D glasses. It was to make the image appear 'out of screen' or more real and armed with a dual-lens 3D camera.

Unfortunately, 3D technology can not be used in gaming and video on both the LG and HTC smart phones, while the Galaxy is different.

Samsung would launch the Samsung S3 Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy after a successful issue a S2 which sold 10 million units at last count. That prompted Samsung smart phone sales through Apple's sales in the third quarter of 2011.

The new device will be launched at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in late February.

"Rows of Galaxy lineup has become the most sought after row of smart phones worldwide," said the Boy Genius Report.

"Smart phone Galaxy S II became the fastest selling smart phone in existence, sold three million units in just 55 days."

"In addition, Samsung sold more than 30 million smart phones Galaxy Galaxy S and S II worldwide in October. There is no doubt that consumers are interested in the Galaxy."

Galaxy S is a sophisticated series of Samsung smartphones. Specifications are offered first-class. Currently S2 Galaxy is among the most hunted in kelasnya.Namun not been released, rumors about the Galaxy S3 has been widely circulated. Smartphones made ​​by Korean manufacturer is rumored to offer a more powerful specs than the iPhone 4S.> According to leaked from a source at Samsung as reported by ET News, Thursday (5 / 1), Galaxy S3 offers a 3D concept, so it can play movies and 3D games on the screen . In fact, this smartphone can be connected to a 3D television. Besides its AMOLED screen capable of playing 720p HD video.> The increase occurred also in terms of hardware, memory Galaxy S3 is said to use 2GB of RAM. While the Galaxy S2 has only 1GB of RAM. Date of release was no longer, Galaxy S3 will be released next February. > Whether or not is not yet certain, until the product is actually released by Samsung. Looking at the features offered by Galaxy S3, like S2 Galaxy will continue the success that sold 10 million units worldwide

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