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Friday, January 6, 2012

Smart Phone

Smart phones (smartphones) is a cell phone that has a high rate capability, sometimes with computer-like functions. There are no standards that define plant definition smart phone. For some people, the smart phone is a phone that works using the entire operating system software that provides a standard and basic relationships for application developers. For others, just a smart phone is a phone that provides advanced features such as e-mail (electronic mail), internet and the ability to read electronic books (e-book) or there is a keyboard (either built-in or external) and a VGA connector. In other words, the smart phone is a mini computer that has the capability of a phone.
Growth in demand for sophisticated tools are easy to carry anywhere making great advances in processor, memory, display and operating systems that are out of cell phone lines since a few years.


There is no agreement in the industry about what makes the phone a "smart", and the notion of a smart phone that also change with the time. According to David Wood, Executive Vice President of PT Symbian OS, "The smart phone can be distinguished from ordinary mobile phones in two fundamental ways: how they are made and what they can do." Another definition emphasizes berbedaan of these two factors ..
"By using smart phones simply be a simply ranks the evolution of evolution, so the possibility of these tools at some point ... will become smaller and we will not call it a phone anymore, but it will be integrated ... the deal here is to make this tool to be as invisible as possible, between you, and what you want to do "says Sacha Wunsch-Vincent at the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).
Most tools are categorized as smart phones using different operating systems. In terms of features, most smartphones support full email facilities with a complete personal control functions. Other functions may include a miniature QWERTY keyboard, touch screen or D-pad, camera, setting a list of names, speedo, navigation software and hardware, the ability to read business documents, music player, photo browser and view video clips, internet explorer, or just secure access to corporate e-mail open, such as those offered by the BlackBerry. Features that are most often found in smart phones is the ability to store a list of names as much as possible, unlike regular cell phones that have a maximum limit of storage list of names.


The first smart phone named Simon; was designed by IBM in 1992 and exhibited as a concept product that year at COMDEX, a computer exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada. The smart phone is marketed to the public in 1993 and sold by BellSouth. Not only become a mobile phone, smart phone also has a calendar, phone book, world clock, a note taker, e-mail, the ability to send and receive faxes and games. Does not have a sophisticated phone buttons. Rather, the user uses the touch screen to select phone numbers with your fingers or make faxes and memos with a stick stylus. Text entered by keyboard "prediction" is unique on the screen. For today's standards, Simon is a low-level product, but its features are very advanced at that time.
Nokia Communicator is Nokia's first phone smart, starting with the Nokia 9000, in 1996. Similar smart phone with this unique handheld computer is the result of the incorporation effort made by Hewlett Packard PDA model is successful and expensive in Nokia phones are selling at that time. Nokia 9210 communicator sailing is the first color and also a true smart phone that uses the operating system. Communicator 9500 to Communicator camera and her first WiFi. Communicator 9300 have changes in the form of smaller and new E90 communicator includes GPS. Although the Nokia 9210 can be argued as the first true smartphone with an operating system, Nokia still refer to it as a communicator.
Ericsson R380 formerly sold as a 'smart phone' but can not run third party applications.

In October 2001, issued a Handspring Palm OS Treo smart phone, with a full keyboard combined with roaming wireless networking, e-mail, calendar, and the regulatory list of names, with third-party applications that can be downloaded or synced with a computer.
In 2002, RIM BlackBerry mengeluakan first is the first smart phone with wireless email optimal use and users has reached 8 million (to June 2007), three-quarters of the wearer is in South America.
Handspring provides the popular smart phone market by joining with the American Palm OS based Visor PDA with a GSM phone network, VisorPhone. In 2002, Handspring sells terintegasi smart phone called the Treo; company merged as PDA sales have started to die, but the Treo smart phones are fast becoming popular as a full-featured PDA phone. In the same year, Microsoft announced a Windows CE OS computer bag named the "Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone 2002".
In 2005 Nokia N-series publishes 3G smart phone that is sold not as mobile phones but as multimedia computers.
Android, the OS for smart phones output in 2008. Android powered by Google, along with hardware businessmen and other leading software such as Intel, HTC, ARM, Motorola and eBay, which then formed the Open Handset Alliance.
The first phone using Android OS is the HTC Dream, the brand keluran from T-Mobile as the G1. The phone features a full, full touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, and track ball for navigating web pages. Software compatible with Google applications, such as Maps, Calendar, and Gmail, as well as Google's Chrome Lite. Third-party applications are also available through the Android Market, there are free or at a cost.
In July 2008 Apple introduced the App Store with a free application and a fee. App stores can deliver a smart phone application developed by third parties directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch with a WiFi or cellular network without using a computer to download. App Store has become a success for Apple and in June 2009, there were more than 50,000 existing applications. App store through the one million download the application on 23 April 2009.
Following the popularity of Apple's App Store, many of which make their own application stores. Palm, Microsoft and Nokia has announced an application store similar to Apple's. RIM also recently made its applications store the BlackBerry App World.

Operating System

Operating system which can be found in smart phones is the Symbian OS, iPhone OS, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm WebOS and Android. Android and WebOS created by Linux, and iPhone OS made by the BSD and the NeXTSTEP operating system associated with Unix.

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