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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Top 10 New Features in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Top 10 New Features in Android Ice Cream Sandwich
Features Ice Cream Sandwich Excess Android - Android OS codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich was introduced by google at least there are 10 new features that distinguish this operating system with an earlier version.

Here are some new features in Android Ice Cream:

1. Android Ice Cream uses a new typeface named Roboto. With this paper are expected to look sharper and clearer.

2. All widgets in the Android Ice Cream can be adjusted in size. This is certainly very meaningful for users who often displays a lot of widgets in a single home screen.

3. In this operating system, all applications can be categorized in a folder. Just as in IOS.

4. Favorites Tray, users are now able to store all of the most frequently used applications, links, and folders into a special tray.

5. Screenshots, now users can access these functions simply by pressing and hold the power button simultaneously with the volume keys to capture images.

6. One satuh a fairly sophisticated features is Face Unlock. This function could serve to open the 'lock' safety just by looking at the phone.

7. The function of the browser on the Android version is also enhanced. Now users can not only be open 16 pages at a time, but also store it for later access them offline.

8. There are so many camera functions are enhanced, namely image stabilization, autofocus, panoramic, and some photo editing features.

9. Use of Internet data now also be monitored in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Users can now find out what applications are voracious consumption data.

10. System integration of the contact list is said to have improved. Users now can not only sync with the list on Google +, Facebook, Twitter and others, but also specify the list of favorite contacts and place them in an easily accessible folder.

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