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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is a PDA??

The design of the agenda and time written on paper obsolete. As an alternative, an electronic organizer called PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) are used. It's a little sticky when to enter something in the PDA, but if you want to change it, then the PDA will show its advantages. Management of large data can be performed by the PDA without any problems, with the search function and preparation of the alphabet. So, any appointments, contacts or address look very happy. It was one one of the most important functions in sesebuah PDA. In addition to basic than the basic functions above, the PDA also comes with an MP3 Player, Games, Internet browsing, chatting, reading e-books, digital cameras, or using GPS.
PDAs on the market there are various types of systems used on PDAs. Where there is a PDA with a keyboard or input with handwriting input (touch screen). PDA with keyboard input fizikal usually have a larger than PDAs that use the method of handwriting. Additionally PDA also uses various types of Operating System (OS), among others, Palm, Psion, EPOC (Symbian), Windows Mobile, and tailor made OS (operating system proprietary).


PDA was first introduced by Psion, with the Psion 1. Psion 1 can store addresses and telephone nombor, has a calendar, clock and calculator.
Then Apple with the Apple Newton Message Pad in early 1993. Although still quite large and less selesa hands, he is the pioneer era of the PDA. But in its development, Apple Newton did not prevail in the market, so it ended in 1996,
U.S. Robotics introduces the Palm Pilot in a short time to master the marketplace. The concept of the Palm Pilot is a small, lightweight and easy to use OS to be one factor glory.
Additionally Psion did not relent and release a good OS namely (EPOC, Symbian now) and have more functionality than the Palm Pilot which only focused on the use of design (organizer). With a GUI (Graphic User Interface) and Windows-like functionality so that users love to use it.
Microsoft also taknak lose by releasing OS Windows Mobile as its OS PDA. On Windows Mobile also terbahagi of two types namely Standard for Windows Mobile smartphones and Windows Mobile Professional for Pocket PC (touch screen).
In all kinds of OS used on the PDA, only the Windows Mobile OS was the one that requires more memory and faster processor. This kerana concept applied by Microsoft in making the PDA as if the PC. So that Windows Mobile has nearly the same functionality as the ability of a PC. Where on Windows Mobile Pocket Office also exist such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer and so on.

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