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Saturday, February 11, 2012

10 HD Game and Fun To iPad Tablet Android

With a larger screen, iPad and Android tablet requires a different type of game. Kit amenyebutnya game HD (high definition). I usually just adjust the resolution, but sometimes there are additional in the number of players. Surely we recommend a fun-fun for you.

1. Fruit Ninja HD
Developer: Halfbrick
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: iPad, Android (THD)

If you need a light game with simple gameplay, but with the presentation of the cradles of the eye, then the Fruit Ninja is one of the candidates should not be overlooked.

As you know this game is an arcade game split the fruit with your fingers. Depending on what mode you choose, you will face some obstacles such as bombs, disguised among the fruits that appear or the amount and velocity of the fruit varies.

He cried we can play multiplayer, share your iPad screen into two areas opposite. Imagine like a chessboard. Where half of our game will be the area while the rest go round the area for others. You can complain scores locally.

2. Tower Madness HD

Developer: limbic Software, Inc.
Genre: Strategy
Platform: iPad, Android

Tower Madness have appeared on the iPhone and could be the best RTS game. If then the platform began to explore the iPad and Android tablet, with a bigger screen and High Definition, so that we can feel it, but the picture is more striking, is the ability to play local multiplayer on one screen.

This game requires a higher skill than a game that was mentioned earlier. But that would be suitable for you who need a challenge.

3. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery HD

Developer: Games Inc. capybara.
Genre: RPG
Platform: iPad

Well that is for those who like long hours in front of the console to play games rpg action. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery (SSS) offers gameplay that is filled with action, intrigue and horror. Where players will be invited to be a unique character like Link in the Legend of Zelda to seek the truth is revealed levels to level.

The graphics are very stylish. Not everyone liked it, but combined with true stereo audio, then play this game SSS will bring a new experience in the realm of mobile gaming.

Another conversation bubbles created by other games, while the most unique is how we can change the gameplay adventure into battle with iPad change the screen orientation.

4. World of Goo HD

Developer: 2D Boy
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: iPad

The same game has appeared on the Wii a year ago. Nan challenging arcade game is pretty much reaped positive reviews and so-called Angry Birds offer equal challenge.

World of Goo will bring us to collect balls of Goo with a variety of characters through the open faucet. The challenge is how you reach the faucet.

The trick is to membagun construction that can be created from the Goo balls earlier. The less we move towards creating buildings tower faucet, it will be the better value for us. But definitely stream Goo balls according to the t arget set. Do not let the lack of it.

5. Cut the Rope HD

Developer: Chilingo
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: iPad

Cut the rope HD is a high-resolution version of the same game for the iPhone. This casual game is one addictive game other than Angry Birds and World of Goo.

Your job is to collect the stars in each level to unlock new game box as a symbol of world alias kelusitan different levels. But not only that you should do in order to move to the next world. You have to break the string and turn over to an animal lollipop peliaharaan from outer space named Nom.

Sounds simple, but believe me! Ga be as simple as that.

6. Backstab HD

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platform: iPad, Android

If you missed the game with HD graphics that spoil, cutscene near-console, audio and gameplay are not festive cupu, possibly backstab could be the answer. Gameloft once made a game want to be a pretty successful.

Why is called Wanna be? This game though arguably original storyline, but the gameplay more like Assassin Creedyang he combined with the Pirates of Carribean. There are platforming, aka jump from one building to gedunglain, there is fighting with a sword, shoot a gun, and crept forth.

7. Need For Speed ​​Shift HD

Developer: Electronic Arts
Genre: Racing
Platform: iPad, Android Tablet

Need for Speed ​​game has undergone many evolutions. Starting from developing a racing game with cars from a specific manufacturer, and the last road race in the Shift series they make the race a more legal and definitely real.

IPad and Android tablet users can feel it in their pernagkat. Compared to existing racing game, Need for Speed ​​Shift offers an interesting gameplay, remains intense and the racing simulation menyjikan serelaistis possible.

You can change the view as Halny aketika play on the console. Including the dashboard its a fantastic view.

8. Real Racing 2 HD

Developer: Firemints
Genre: Racing
Platform: iPad

After successfully become the best racing game on the iPhone, Real Racing joined hijarah into the realm of HD. If the iPhone only has to look good, what about its HD display. Was predictable, the graphics are feast for the eyes.

If you have never played Real Racing series, then you can imagine it like playing a racing simulation like Gran Turismo on the handheld. Including an interesting gameplay to continue to be followed.

9. Angry Birds Rio HD

Developer: Rovio
Genre: Puzzle
Platform: iPad, Android

In terms of resolution, Angry Birds Rio HD not including HD, but has experienced escalating version than the iPhone or Android phone. Experience offered was likely to be similar.

But who do not play Angry Birds Rio? In addition to offering a different enemy than Ersi original, this game still offers the same addiction. Furthermore, surely you all know how to play it.

10. Rainbow Six Shadow Vanguard HD

Developer: Gameloft
Genre: Tactic shooting
Platform: iPad, Android

Game titles from Tom Clancy series is already a Gamelof right to develop it. And this time is good enough to spawn Gameloft Rainbow Six series in HD resolution, bail for ioPad and Android Tablet.

Shadow Vanguard waiting for you to save the earth from srangan terrorists. Just like the other Rainbow Six game, teamwork is the essence.

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