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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4 Applications Free BlackBerry Valentine's Day Special

Valentine's Day or Valentine's day only days away, what have you prepared for your partner? If you and your partner happens to be a BlackBerry user, maybe some of these applications can add to the intimacy you ...

And your partner on Valentine's Day. Here are some specific applications like BlackBerry which is perfect for adding romance on Valentine's day. All these applications can be downloaded on BlackBerry App World.

1. 1.5 Survival Crazy World

1.5 Survival Crazy World is a game that tells the Crazy Man is living happily with your loved one hero, but one day there are criminals who disturb their happiness and Crazy Man kidnaps partner. In this game, you play as Crazy Man who must fight and struggle all over the world to save the beloved hero. This application can be downloaded for free on App World BlackBerrry.

2. Love Eternal

Eternal Love is a theme of Valentine's Day and adapted to display a new OS7 in sepia color. The application is free and can be found in BlackBerry App World.

3. Digital music store

Intimacy with your partner is not complete if not accompanied with romantic songs. A very romantic love song is guaranteed to melt the heart and all of these can be found in the online music store 7 Digital. Online music store 7 Digital is available in the BlackBerry Playbook.

4. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day are the applications that helps you to find ideas to increase intimacy with your partner. It gives a lot of tips from the best to date ideas about romance quotes. This application can be downloaded for free on BlackBerry App World.

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