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Saturday, February 4, 2012

ADzero, Android Phone Made From Bamboo

ADzero, Android Phone Made From Bamboo
A student of Middlesex University, England, Kieran Scott-Woodhouse has successfully designed a unique smartphone with a body made ​​from bamboo. Cell phones are already equipped with the Android is named ADzero and will be launched soon.

He said the bamboo material is claimed to be strong and lightweight plastic like material. Kieran, Scott worked in a Chinese company named ADzero, is exactly what the company asked for Kieran, Scott designed the phone from bamboo and will be released this year.

Each mobile unit will have a unique pattern, depending on the bamboo material used, and of course with different colors. Do not forget, the new camera technology ADzero introduce the so-called 'ring flash', the technology is claimed to have never used on any mobile phone.

Unfortunately, no details on smartphone software and hardware of this environmentally friendly, as well as price and any country ADzero Smartphone will be available.

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