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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nokia 2323 Classic Review

Cheap mobile phones nowadays do not just offer the facilities 'as is'. Some of them even started to insert a functional facility that is e-mail. Also, some access to online content. One low-end phones that have this capability the Nokia 2323 classic.

Here Nokia Ovi Share service offering, which presents the ability upload your photos and share mobile content online. Also, facilities e-mail and messaging services. However, for mobile phone Nokia 2323 classic diverse class that's not all services can be accommodated.

Nokia 2323 classic comes in a simple design. However, the use of materials of sufficient quality and the concept of casing decorated with silver trim on the display area and the D-pad at least able to make it looks pretty impressed.

Texture and structure of the keypad arranged neatly. Field is quite broad and large. Plastic keys were relatively comfortable to push. Slightly different from some of the rubber keypad Motorola series 'W', which was rather loud.

Screen and Interface,For the media user interface, Nokia 2323 classic pin a 65,536 color TFT display, with resolution of 128 × 160 pixels. Armed with the contrast and brightness settings are right, the menu display will look quite bright.

Sector interfa
ce, Nokia 2323 Classic implement the S40 5th edition FP1 platform LE. As a result of this phone UI look a little better than the seniors such as Nokia 2610/2626.

About the ability of Java, Nokia 2323 Classic has supported platform Java MIDP 2.1, CLDC-1.1. The result, a variety of Java applications can be inserted into it. However, it can not support the 3D format. In addition, the amount of memory reserved for Java is only 512KB.

Well, for those of you who like browsing, the Nokia 2323 classic has been supported GPRS data bearer, plus Opera Mini browser. Middling performance in displaying web pages. Includes access to the portal or

In addition to SMS and MMS, Nokia 2323 classic also supported e-mail client. Its setup is fairly easy, by automatically setting the channel via the Internet, aka Over The Air (OTA). But, there is also a manual setting. E-mail facility Nokia 2323 classic can be integrated directly with a service owned by Nokia, Ovi mail.

FM Radio
This one features a flagship facility in the Nokia 2323 classic. Performance is not much different from the FM radio on other phones. If you want to access it should plug the headset. Port Headsetnya measuring 2.5mm.

Interestingly, the FM radio on Nokia 2323 classic includes recording capability (recording) broadcasts. Just press the center D-pad, the process of recording with WAV format was going to happen. Record the results of the radio can be directly set ringtone.

For the tuning, stereo FM radio can do it automatically and manually. And, about ease of access, the Nokia 2323 classic implanting a special button that ignites the ivories asterisk (*), a radio icon.

Other Features
As a low end phone, the Nokia 2323 classic facilities are minimal. In addition to email and FM radio, there is nothing to be proud of. Which was originally a music player can also be used for entertainment, can not do much. Although able to play MP3 files and the total capacity of songs that can be embedded is limited. Moreover, this phone does not provide an expansion card slot.

To add songs, take advantage of Nokia 2323 Classic Bluetooth connection. Perform well and smoothly. Unfortunately, this media is not supported A2DP technology to deliver songs wirelessly. Compare cheap mobile phone brands with local, that the average bluetooth supports A2DP profile.

About audio performance, the Nokia 2323 classic is quite reliable. Loudspeaker embedded in the rear body could speak 'aloud'. Quite loud and jarring. Only, to the maximum position is still sound 'shrill'.

For resources, the Nokia 2323 classic rely on lithium-ion battery 1020 mAh (BL-5C). Its capacity as large as the Nokia 2330 classic relatives. Relatively powerful battery, capable of providing a longer standby time of up to 3 days.

Given the price of Rp 400 thousands, it's quite reasonable for this Nokia phone. You can get a phone with attractive design, e-mail support and services Ovi Share and stereo FM radio. Only, the performance of his music is still very limited, especially in the sectors of memory capacity.

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