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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovestagram, Application For Valentine's Day

Lovestagram, Application For Valentine's Day
This Valentine moment there is usually just a way for application developers come celebrate. Kaitlyn Trigger is no exception, the girlfriend of Mike Krieger co-founder of the application Instagram, who was inspired to develop an application named Lovestagram.

This application allows users to create digital greeting cards themed Valentine, who uses an Application Programming Interface (API) from Instagram. Lovestagram instagram will bring together all the photos of us and your loved one and make a photo slideshow of the overall results were found.

To use Lovestagram, you simply log in to your account using Instagram. Enter your account username Instagram of people that feel special, be girlfriend, family, or friends. Lovestagram will automatically bring together photos from the username you have entered.

Actually, this application should not be used between two lovers, but it was all a picture frame will display the theme of love. Trigger also said that he hopes will be able to develop this application for another holiday, or even a themed wedding or birthday. Since the release of version 2.0 in September 2011 and then, Instagram does have a lot of users almost reached 10 million users with an average of one user who joined in every second.

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