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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mito 868 Specifications

Again, a weapon Cheap Mobile Game Mito to captivate the audience. After launching the Mito 680, now a local vendor has issued a Mito 868. Want to know the advantages brought about this phone? Here you can read a review.

Design-The design adopted a portable game console output Sony. Glance Mito 868 also looks similar to other local mobile phone game, which IMO W8800. Unlike the mobile gaming in general have too large dimensions, 868 has dimensions very precisely fitting and comfortable when held. Other than that, this phone is capable of running on frekunsei 900/800 MHz and supports Dual ON GSM network.

Screen-play games are very satisfied and please if it is supported by the display field. Therefore Mito 868 is a mobile game that presents a 2.8-inch screen size. The screen also provides touch-screen technology and rsponsif enough so that you do not need to worry. Quite a bit of touch to perform the operation.

As a mobile entertainment, gaming, gaming became a mainstay of the features of this phone. Not much different with any other game genre HP inject features NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Mito 868 also demionkian. In it there would be hundreds to thousands of games that you can play.

For additional information, this phone has been providing various types of games are very popular and quite phenomenal among both children and adults like The Sims, Mario Series, Pokemon Series, Street Fighter Alpha Series, Monster Farm, Crash Bandicoot, X-men , and much more.

Audio and Video player, alternative entertainment Affairs seems not to be significant problems. Enjoy the music and watch your favorite video you can do if menggegam phone. As supporters Mito 868 also pinned a Big Audio Output Speaker 3D Sound is placed behind the body. One thing is quite interesting because the user can enjoy a blast of sound audio that will sound very loud and shrill.

Camera-Camera Problem, Mito 868 also has membenami a camera. It can be used to capture images, the camera can also be used to record video. But for the strength of my resolution is less understood.

Internet-For those of you who like to access social networks via mobile phones, Mito 868 has been providing application Twitter and Facebook. Fun again both social networking sites may be on her to allow you to up date "status" on a continuous basis.

Another interesting online features that Buddy and IM. Of course by using this feature you can communicate directly with friends or relatives without having to spend a lot of credit.

-To the memory of a mobile game, would require the storage space that has a large capacity. Even though with the Mito 868 has provided a microSD external memory. Various types of games, MP3 and MP4 can be inserted in the microSD.

Specifications Mito 868

- Networking: Dual ON GSM (900/1800 MHz)
- Display: TFT touchscreen, 2.8 inches
- Connectivity: GPRS, Bluetooth, data cable
- Camera
- MicroSD
- Browser: WAP and Opera Mini
- Other features: Polyphonic (MP3), MP3/MP4 Player, FM radio, Big Speaker Sound 3D,,,, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, etc..
- Battery: Li-Ion

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