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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nokia1800 Review

In plain view is very similar to Nokia 1800 Nokia 1616 relatives. In fact, the price tag was fairly not much different. To be sure, this phone access to accommodate the basic needs of communication: telephone and SMS.

For those who like simple memorable mobile phone, the Nokia 1800 could become an attractive option. It makes sense, given this low-budget phone does not cram failitas 'wow'.

Character design feels good to eat new-entry level. Especially consumers who are in rural areas, and limited need basic communication features.

Impression of simple and practical that are served by the Nokia 1800 is seen in bentukkan body design that is simple, yet functional enough. Wrapped in a plastic casing candybar model looks pretty solid, plus the presence of anti-scratch screen. As a result, the constituent material of this collection makes the Nokia 1800 appear more elegant.

As already mentioned above, the Nokia 1800 looks similar to the 1616 series. Both models differ by only a main navigation button, the form of chrome pad. Candybar form its own look ergonomic, with no sharp corners on each side. Comfortable when in the clutch.

Easy access and navigation is shown through the form of glossy keypad layout, which remains comfortable for typing SMS.

At the front, flat surface of the keypad terdisain and impressed one with its 1.8-inch screen. Look just leave the pad-chrome prominent than the other buttons. To the rear casing, exposing only the Nokia logo and three lines parallel to the hole audio grill.

Force were recorded screen Nokia 1800 Nokia 1616 is equivalent to a relative. Similarly, the performance, it can spoil the user's eyes.

Nokia Life Tools
Core services brought by cell phones is the Nokia Life Tools. This service helps users to stay updated on the various content, ranging from news, general knowledge, education, agriculture, to the entertainment. Mechanism of its operation is a question and answer, of course, using traffic-related data from the operator simcard.

For example, on educational content, the service is intended for users who are still at school level. In it, school children can find a study guide such as English, exam tips, and general knowledge. Obviously this feature is very helpful to train your memory in learning.

While the agricultural content, users can receive content updates news & advice agriculture, market prices, and weather info. It is suitable for users who work in agriculture and in rural areas.

More varied content on the entertainment menu. In it users will find the choices of music, news, movies, astrology, and humor. So that these services will be suitable for leisure opened. Lebihlagi on music content, users can get updated content and the dial tone ring tones, whether popular or unusual.

For news content, the user can select the content of national news, sports, and infotainment. For music content, the updates offered in the form of news about movies and movie reviews.

As a complement, life tools also provide astrological and humor. Here users can play around with various model predictions from the sun symbol, the myth of Java, and the Chinese zodiac. While the humor content of the messages that contain funny jokes.

Similar to the Nokia 1616, this phone is not equipped with access to data connectivity (internet). This is understandable, given the target phone is the basic communication needs, call the calling features.

Nokia 1800 series equip with good signal reception capability, which is suitable when you are in remote or rural areas. This can reduce the tendency of breaking of the call, to minimize noise disturbances even when the signal was minimal.

Supporting features
Interesting features in the Nokia 1800 in addition to the Nokia Life Tools is an FM radio. This proved not much different with Nokia 1616. Radio features can be operationalized via loudspeaker and a standard 3.5mm audio jack. Well, for this model Nokia has complete audio headset for FM radio. Unlike the Nokia 1616, the 'force' consumers to buy their own headsets.

There is also a flashlight (LED flashlight) is pinned to the side of the body of the Nokia 1800. Light is quite bright, and relatively functional when the condition of complete darkness.

The resources listed are similar to Nokia 1800 Battery Nokia 1616 sepabrikannya brother. His ability was measured is not much different, where in one charging mobile phones could support up to 2 days. That was the optimal usage.

Simple and practical, that the two key words at the Nokia 1800. Nokia Life Tools was very suitable for use in rural areas. Not even close kemungkinnan used in urban areas, given the availability of features that are quite complex, and useful for anyone.

Not only that, the Nokia 1800 is also equipped with FM radio, which is equipped with an audio headset. Yes .. although no multimedia player, an entertainment facility is good enough for entertaining.

For connoisseurs of branded mobile phones, Nokia 1800 mobile phone is quite worthed as 'second tier', for simple functions and simple. However, for those who are fond of the local mobile phone, the Nokia 1800 has to offer official count can be used to redeem phone with more comprehensive features. Everything, according to taste ...

(+): Navigation is quite functional and practical, the Nokia Life Tools service is quite helpful, included headset in the sales package
(-): No cameras, no available connectivity (port) data.


Network: Dualband GSM (900/1800 MHz) Dimensions: 10.7 x 4.5 x 1:53 cm Weight: 78.5 g Screen: TFT, 65K colors, 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches; Messaging: SMS Other Features: FM radio, Games, Flashlight, Organizer, Voice memo, T9; Battery: Li-Ion 800 mAh (BL-5CB)

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