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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sony Ericsson Yari Review

About mobile gaming, Sony Ericsson could be regarded as one of the vendors who consistently mengarap this segment. And that's evidenced by the release of the series U100i Yari. This new series brings to the platform game Camera-based motion sensor gaming or gestures.

This is possibly due to an in camera sensor technology that recognizes the human body movements. Yari has a sliding design (slider) with a special button to control the game in landscape position. Looks forward, minimalist look. Navigation buttons are very useful for playing games that do not use a gesture or motion.

Located on the left side volume button, shutter, and microSD slot. On the right side there is only one port of a multifunctional, able to charger, data cable, and headset. The back there is a stereo speaker and camera lens plus a flash light.

Game appears to be carried Yari will give a new sensation for game lover. Because, to play the game, no longer relying on finger agility. But if the body rely more on, like the kind of game. Tennis game for example, is played by swinging the arms as the ball movement.

Equipped with power 5 Mpix, it is sufficient to support the hobby of photography. Supporting feature is complete, similar to the Cybershot series, for example, photo fix, smile detection, face detection, panorama, macro, autofocus, and geo tagging. The maximum resolution for pictures is 2592 x 1944 pixels, while video recording is 640 x 480 pixels.

We can watch the video that comes from the camera records, files transferred to memory card, or connect to YouTube through the 3G/HSDPA network (video streaming). This video player application supports the file type mp4 and AAC audio codec. When playing video, the screen can be positioned landscape and portrait automatically.

The music player phone Sony Ericsson has its own quality standards. Support B is complete optimization settings like equalizer, Mega Bass and stereo widening. What is interesting is the background style that can be changed like the look of vinyl records, CD player, cassette. Image rotator rotates while the music is the music spins, and stops when the music stops too. Yari also has an FM radio, Track ID application complete the features of FM Radio to know the singer and song title information that is being played....

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