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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tips Avoid Buying Fake iPhone 4S

Launch of the iPhone 4S trigger the sale of imitation in online shops. Not much different physical inversely with the price much cheaper priced.

Of course the price is skewed sacrificed many things, including the specification, quality and durability of the goods. So to avoid being stuck buying counterfeit goods, the following tips you can do:

1. Get to know the price. If the price is priced too low, the articles are questionable. So, when resellers offer high discounts.

2. Pay attention to the specifications. Although the physical of counterfeit resemble the original, but often it has different specifications. Whether it's adding new features or even reduce the features that should be in the original item.

3. Returns policy. Resellers who have trusted returns policy for consumer satisfaction. Beware if a reseller does not offer it.

4. Warranty. All the company's smartphones offer a warranty that covers the products, accessories and software. Counterfeit resellers do not offer the same thing.

5. Facebook and Twitter accounts. Many resellers are using social media to promote your account. It never hurts to check their accounts and comments provided consumers in the account. Find out about how long they have a measure that account for its reputation.

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