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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Will White Nokia Lumia 800 Coming Soon

Nokia is known intends to launch a new hue for Lumia 800. And now came the official news from the Finnish vendor, the state will release Windows cell phone Phone is in white color variants that will be coming soon in this month.

Having previously Lumia 800 already on the market in the issue of black, cyan and magenta. The first country that will get 800 Lumia is white British, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Scandinavian countries, Finland, Poland, and Switzerland. Lumia white 800 will be present in these countries at the end of February, while other countries have to wait longer.

According to Nokia, Lumia outer section 800 is not painted. But use polycarbonate material that is printed in such a way as iron and steel, to produce high-tech touch. White is the purest colors and the perfect color to accentuate the shiny black screen Lumia 800.

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