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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LG Launches Wireless Charger

Currently, all electronic devices begin to move from wired to wireless (without cable). Similarly with the charger, the innovations brought by LG is believed will bring a new era in the world of gadgets.

WPD-800 LG Wireless Charger is an advanced version of the WCP-700 has a simple innovation that is needed for most people. When all pad (pads) on the wireless charger is positioned "to sleep" then in the WPD-800 is made ​​similar to the phone booth (stand) so that when we recharge, once can be used to watch movies, video chat or anything that takes phone booth.

So there are two functions, can be as a charger, it could be a place holder the phone (phone booths) when we want to watch movies or view video, video memories. It seems simple but this is the first time a wireless charger mat can double.

LG Wireless Charger

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