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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


In the 21st century, telecommunications has entered an era that was so terrible. When some twenty years ago a home phone is still a luxury item, now that his cell phone (mobile phone) has been an everyday item. The price is getting cheaper to make mushroom. But, did you know that behind all this is the energy transfer events that are still so phenomenal.

Who does not know or mobile phone (mobile phone)? Introduced in the 1980's, now it has become the communications equipment supplies daily. Many people in many big cities in particular, young and old are often seen flaunt it if you're not in use. Placed in the pocket of his pants, tucked in the waist, or some are deliberately continue to be held while occasionally used for pointing. The price is already more affordable making this stuff can be had-not only by the rich alone.

Whatever it is, a tool increasingly cute and attractive size has also been regarded as a 'friend' on the go or in a very practical move. He can connect us with the relationships, colleagues, even with the boss sternly from anywhere. Telecommunications technology has enabled him to use it anywhere. Especially with the launch of satellite-satellite provider, which in turn allows small objects can be used in remote areas (remote areas), even from the middle of the ocean. One that makes it superior to a home phone, ie without its wired or wireless.

Revolution in the field of pertelekomunikasian indeed have come to the stage of the mighty. When the activities of daily living has been so Overlaps (overlap), it then became sophisticated equipment determines the tool. It can be used as messengers and important news than as a medium for light conversation, in which young people used to call 'chat slang'.

However, did you know that to reach this stage, hundreds of engineers have spent many years in laboratoirum to uncover the mysteries behind it. Starting from studying the mysteries of electromagnetic waves, radio waves following properties classification, until the air or atmospheric parameters become perambatanannya media. All of this relates to the transfer of energy invisible, so anything related to it can still be called a natural phenomenon. If in the city within a certain time interval there are two million people conversing with colleagues via mobile phones, we had never really understood just how solid a spark or an electromagnetic wave radiation generated each milling.

Phone equipment itself is not really sophisticated. This tool is in principle just a radio transceiver (transmitter-receiver/pengirim-penerima) ordinary, like walkie-talkies or Handle-talkies that are often standard equipment so the police or security officers. The main part of this telecommunications equipment is the oscillator to generate the radio signals, radio frequency amplifiers, mixers (mixer), the enumerator wave (detector), and an audio signal amplifier.

Then why is called a mobile phone? This title seems to depart from the expanse of network signal booster antenna built RBS (radio base station) is the tool catchers and disseminators of the signal. For a city, commonly called a network provider or the provider (whether or Satelindo Telkomsel) ordinary share in the form of cells that form an imaginary, where each cell would be represented by an antenna RBS. That's why mobile phone (mobile phone) is then also known as cellular phones.

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Trace back, in its history, both mobile phones and other wireless telecommunications equipment, principally related to the results of experiments performed two scientists named James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) and Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894). Maxwell managed to uncover some of the natural phenomena of electromagnetic waves is pointed out that the speed of magnetic-electric wave radiation is equal to the velocity of light propagation, which is about 186,000 miles (300,000 km) per second. Meanwhile, on different occasions, Hertz complement the results of scientific study to reveal Maxwell, that radio waves are part of this natural phenomenon. To appreciate the toil Hertz, the world scientific community and then using the name 'Hertz' as the unit of frequency or cycles per second.

In the different characteristics and functions, the electromagnetic waves themselves can be sorted out based on the spectrum to be (starting from the largest to the narrowest wavelength): radio waves, microwaves, infra red, light / visible light, ultraviolet light, X rays, and gamma rays . In particular, the radio waves occupy the wavelength region from several kilometers to 0.3 meters, while the frequency of several Hertz to 10 ^ 9 Hertz. The wave is then broken down to thousands of channels and is used internationally for various purposes under the supervision of the International Telecommunication Union.

At first, his own radio utilized only a limited circle in the army. Form the first handheld radio in the beginning are still at-large and heavy blocks. With this form, it is still far from practical. However, the benefits of making unused high everywhere. On the battlefield it can be used as the sender of equipment orders, the results of reconnaissance, and command a very strategic. In the event of World War II, the shape and strength many times repaired. In the decade of the 70s, the shape can be minimized with the invention of transistors that can represent a few tens of large-sized components, and before the decade of the 80s gets smaller again with the successful creation of integrated circuit capable of containing a few tens or even hundreds of electronic components into komponan which only amounted to shirt button. This finding makes telecommunications equipment becomes increasingly bermasyakat because production costs are becoming increasingly cheaper and wider benefits. Digital technology also makes these devices more attractive.

In the history pertelekomunikasian, Indonesia itself had stuck out as the fourth country in the world of satellite communications users after the United States, Soviet Union, and Canada. The first satellite named SKSD Palapa A slide in 1976 was used as a 'unifying' Archipelago. Operation is carried out by PERUMTEL (now PT Telkom).
In addition to long distance commercial telecommunications purposes, it is also used as sending television signals in addition to governmental purposes. Own satellite functioning only as a relay station * recipient and the successor high frequency signals which are not reflected layer of the atmosphere. If SKSD Palapa tend to be operated for governmental purposes, the other agencies, namely PT Indosat (Indonesia Satellite Corporation), also operate a satellite, but for commercial purposes even if only with a rental system.

In the 70's, maybe some of us still remember how excited can enjoy a series of boxing great Muhammad Ali. This is thanks to the support Intelsat Indosat hired for the purpose of commercialization of the broadcast television world. These satellites are also used for the benefit of the international conversation.

As soon as the opening of the telecommunications network utilization also makes a variety of world telecommunications companies racing to other innovations that are commercial. Indosat, for example, recently introduced the 12 services that can be connected to 250 countries. Starting from IDD 001, Conference Call, Precard, Virtual Net, Indonesia Direct, to the free phone. In the service which then calls the Indosat @ your life is, its users also become increasingly easy to contact anyone anywhere in the world. With signals this messenger the next world will indeed be getting smaller

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