Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Be careful in buying a second mobile phone, because if we do not know, we can at bohongin by people who are not responsible.

Buying a second mobile phone or used it there the positives and negatives. On the positive side, the price of second mobile phone is cheaper than a new phone. But the downside is sometimes more precisely, starting from the physical condition of the mobile phone is definitely going to have scratch marks here and there (not smooth), keep a battery that sometimes nge-drop, to the problem of the screen, speakers and cameras may be problematic (many spots and noise in the image). Well, here are some tips before you buy phones second.

* Check completeness start accessories, Box, User manual up to the headset.
* Check the IMEI, make sure the IMEI listed on Dus same as listed in the phone IMEI (for menu access check imei * # 06 #).

* Check the physical condition of the mobile phone, is there any scratches or not, if cassingnya been replaced, make sure that you get also Cassing original.
* See the warranty label is found in cell phones, even though the warranty had expired tests may phones with real talks.

* Make sure the incoming sound and smooth and clear outgoingnya means make sure you can hear clearly the voice of a call or vice versa, the other person you can hear your voice clearly. Check the volume ringtone or ring tones, ranging from the smallest volume to maximum.

* Check the LCD display contrast
* Check the camera, do a few times taking pictures and video. Make sure the phone can store pictures or videos you just get well and smoothly, without any error. Also make sure the resulting image quality is still good (the trick is simple, cover the camera lens with your fingertips and see on the screen, the camera is still under normal circumstances would appear black on the screen clean, no spots or noise).

* If the phone is equipped with Bluetooth feature, do not forget to test sending and receiving files (photos, music etc.) via Bluetooth.
* Test the card using a mobile phone with different carriers.

* ON and OFF (turn off and turn it on) back phones for a couple of times, to ensure that the phone is in good condition, see the battery indicator is there any significant changes or not.

* Open the battery and plug it again for several times, to ensure that the condition of the battery is not 'nge-drop' or mobile phones are not 'drained', but it also saw the condition of the battery, be sure not 'bloated'.

* Check the condition of the nuts, make sure that the nuts are not used in the mobile phone is opened, also check the ends of the screen, make sure the conditions are good.
* Ensure that each label are listed in the phone (especially at the back of the battery) is still intact, not the former opened.

* Do not be shy and embarrassed to ask why the second Mobile is sold? whether there is a problem in handphonenya or perhaps because of financial reasons?.

Hopefully these tips useful for mobile lovers second.

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