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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recurring Virus Mobile SMS - blocked

This incident happened a long time abroad precisely in french, but in the country recently re-emerged after a few years and then reappear tenggelan dnegan improvement in the virus body.
Around September 2007.Bagi you who have mobile phones with Symbian operating system, are obliged to be careful

The virus is named 3396003964, called such because:
Some people who have been exposed, rata2 using his mobile phone with Symbian OS / Windows Mobile.

Also not known whether due to the installation of specific software, but stored in phone memory
The problem is the phone will automatically perform repeated international SMS 3396003964
Due to international SMS over and over again it will reduce or increase the toll charges with international SMS rates, please imagine yourself how much the rate charged for international sms, if not wrong begin 500-2000 Yakan, depending also on the service you
To view the SMS has been sent, can be seen in the logs menu example: NOKIA - my own menu - the menu Log - Recent Calls and then the right arrow and you will see the SMS number 3396003964
SMS sending process occurs within seconds its almost similar to the SMS application Bomber, which is now rife used by political parties for campaigning ... (why not also campaign pulses love, love bomber instead, make a full inbook aja

TIPS for those of you affected by these repeated Virus Applications SMS (3396003964)

We recommend:
Perform Backup your phone data with backup vasilitas, (there are on this blog - backup-application menu free and pretty good)
Do a reset on your phone by * # 7370 # lock code will ask if you ever fill out this code before, if not the phone will restart itself ototmatis.
Remove the MMC, if any, scan with Antivirus, Search
This blog (Freeware-collection-tutorial-computer applications). and clean up all data that contains a virus, if necessary Format your MMC Birthday ..

If your phone has been reset * # 7370 #, should be fairly clean, but if you are you can take him into service for the Flash'kan.
Your phone operator, will usually be answered:
there is a virus on your phone and your sms facility declared closed, the suggestion of the operator is to flash your phone, or you are told to use HP's clean from viruses.

Report that you have used other HP and ask that your HP smsnya reopened.
If the problem still occurs tetep, not hurt you to replace the card at a time or take it to a service to the Flash

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