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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tuts Safe Mode Blackberry

Tuts Safe Mode Blackberry

Maybe a lot of Blackberry users who do not know or not if it turns out the Blackberry engeh we could be switched on in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode on the Blackberry function exactly the same as Safe Mode in the PC or Laptop agan2 all.
'Safe Mode is a mode of the which is out of danger'
Maybe this way can be used if there are new applications that we install the Blackberry causes us to be dead or hangs.
Destination safe mode to get into our Blackberry and remove or uninstall applications that are causing problems on the BlackBerry ® us.

Here's How to do Safe Mode:

1. Unplug Batterai Blackberry.
2. Wait about 30 seconds then plug it back (same as Hard Reset)
3. As soon as the notification light turns red immediately press the back / exit
Spoiler for exit button image

4. Continue to hold the back / exit to the boot process is complete (until no logo)
5. If it works then there will be a notification on your home screen like this

Spoiler for safe mode: 

6. Just hit ok
7. Congratulations you have successfully entered into "Safe Mode" to immediately delete / uninstall applications that problematic.
Thus this simple tutorial elbow, may be useful for us all BlackBerry ® users
Maybe you are confused masi safe mode was well worth what?
In safe mode, the OS will run in a minimalist and all applications will be put to sleep. Especially applications that run automatically when a new flame of our BB / restart / boot. Perhaps an example pake gini times yes .. Install applications Cave eh just had not taunya TSB ngebuat Blackberry application cave so heavy, the most severe hang or who can not to the home screen again. Udh all the way to do Hard Reset / Soft Reset tp etc are still not able to as well. Well this alternative can be tried safe mode or restore to restore us to a Blackberry before we install the application by way of delete / uninstall the applications they will be in safe mode

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