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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blackberry Tips Differentiating Genuine and Imitation

Blackberry as one of the leading smartphone indeed many people enjoy. Not surprisingly, sales of the Blackberry is always increasing, let alone the many exciting features such as internet access to social networks available on the Blackberry.

Of course everyone wants the original Blackberry was released by Research In Motion (RIM). However, the Blackberry is not free from pirated or fake goods. The following are some tips to distinguish the original issued Blackberry RIM or BlackBerry imitation:

1. Check the IMEI and PIN code

IMEI and PIN on a BlackBerry is usually found on filmware handled, boxes, and labels that are stuck in the battery compartment. How to view the PIN and IMEI, to display the homescreen click Options and select the status, press the Shift + ALT + H simultaneously. Blackberry IMEI and PIN numbers that the original will as stated on the sticker outside.

2. See Internal Data

Lifetime on the options and check the status, type BUYR. Lifetime data showing the number Zero if you're new Blackberry. If that appears Exceeding 120K and Voice Usage Exeeding 60 Minutes, you should think carefully before buying because it means Blacberry already been used optimally.

3. Notice the logo and Dus

Dus Blacberry usually include stickers handheld identity and patents. Usually there are many countries mobile operator logo. Although there is another logo countries, do not worry because the Blackberry still be used if the connection is locked aka unlocked. Remember, the logo on the LCD screen should be similar to the logo on the body.

So a few tips to buy original Blackberry or artificial. By doing the simple steps above, then you will get a quality product according to the Blackberry to your expectations. Hopefully the above tips on buying a Blackberry benefit us all.

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