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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recommended Application For BlackBerry

Recommended Application For BlackBerry
BlackBerry is a smartphone which has advantages in terms of push e-mail and Internet data access. But better would be to provide value-added, the BlackBerry that we have installed applications that support our work or our daily activities.

Although the BlackBerry in the purchase package has little aplikasiyang been installed. But with a little effort we can find a good application, even many that can be obtained free of charge. Among them are the following:

Documents To Go

One of the main functions of the BlackBerry e-mail is a function that is very powerful. Documents To Go application allows us to be able to open e-mail attachment a document file or pdf. DataViz is an application made easier for us to make writing or editing a document, both documents. Doc, spread sheet or ppt. Applications that are to be attached in a BlackBerry for work that emphasizes productivity.


BlackBerry users must often feel the need to constantly open the e-mail so there is a warning e-mails coming. This is quite troublesome and disturbing our concentration if it is working. This application allows us to not always have to open the inbox when there are signs of incoming e-mail. PeeKaWho provide features we can "peek" e-mails, e-mail sender and subject of the e-mail.Sehingga we can decide whether the e-mail is very important and immediate need in the back, or could still be delayed. Applications for the BlackBerry we do not keep breaking into a tool of concentration

Maximizer CRM 10.5 Freedom for BlackBerry

With this application allows us to adjust the contact persons as well as connecting us with the BlackBerry contact list of customers. Applications "Customer Resource Management" is helping organize an integrated customer contact that is connected between the BlackBerry to the computer networks that we have.

PocketMac For BlackBerry

With this application allows us PocketMac for BlackBerry sync with Apple computers. Once the synchronization is done via PocketMac, various e-mails, notes and even music application i-Tune can be synchronized with the BlackBerry. This application can be obtained free of charge.


For users of Twitter, will be very convenient to have apikasi the BlackBerry Twitter Client. That allows us to interact and bertwit ria via Twitter. TwitterBerry is one of Twitter client applications for BlackBerry. And can be obtained free of charge. In addition to TwitterBerry, the BlackBerry app for Twitter client is TweetDeck, OpenBeak.

Mobile Browser

Although the BlackBerry has provided artificial Browser RIM, but for most users there is still a lack of innate BlackBerry Browser. Mobile Browsers like Opera Mini or Bolt Browser is the most suitable type of mobile browser for the plug in the BlackBerry. Provide easy and smooth to navigate the Internet through the BlackBerry.


Applications are qualified to read the news as an RSS reader. Even comes with easy access to information eg local restaurants and other things like olahrga schedule, flight schedules and even weather forecasts.

iSkoot for Skype

Legacy systems that allow us to make Skype calls via BlackBerry. If you frequently use Skype for communication media via a PC. Untu BlackBerry you can use iSkoot.

Google Mobile Apps

Mobile applications from Google is quite complete and very useful. Google Maps, GMail, Google Doc, Google Search., Google Reader, and Google Sync. Provide easy us to optimize the various Google services in our BlackBerry. And certainly all the Google Mobile app is available free of charge.

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