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Monday, January 16, 2012

iPad 2 Review

iPad 2 comes with the latest processor dual-core Apple A5 which gives significant changes on the performance of the iPad 2. iPad 2 is also equipped with front and rear camera.


iPad 2 comes with a very slim design. iPad 2 has dimensions (241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8 mm) which makes it even thinner than the iPhone 4. With significant design changes, making the iPad 2 so fresh when viewed. The edges of the iPad 2 made thinner so as to provide comfort when gripped.

IPad 2 is still the same screen with the screen on the iPad IPS screen is 9.7 "with a level of resolution (1024x768) pixels. Although a little disappointing, but it can not be denied that the IPS screen of the iPad 2 still remains riveting. We are still enthralled with the output colors natural and good lighting with a broad perspective.

Now the home is made more hidden button on the iPad dibandikan usual with the same layout that is still below the screen. Even so, the home button still gives a good response when used. Now iPad 2 is equipped with a VGA 0.3 megapixel front camera that can be used for video calls. If you plan to buy the 3G version of the iPad 2, you'll find microSIM slot placed on the upper left corner. Meanwhile, silent switch and volume adjustment buttons are still placed in the same position at the right edge of the tablet.

In iPad 2 3G version there is a small black strip located on the top edge and will be home to a built-in 3G modem. In addition, a 3.5mm headset jack, microphone, and the power button located at the top. Below there is a 30-pin connection port and speakers. On the back there is the Apple logo are located in the middle chassis, with the camera placed in the upper left corner.


Thanks to the ability of dual-core processor Apple A5, iPad 2 had a significant speed increase does not feel as though we perform basic functions such as navigating or pinch-to-zoom. But the ability of dual-core processor Apple A5 actually look with heavy applications. As in the benchmark results of the iPad 2, iPad 2 managed to score a fantastic and beat the scores of the iPad and iPhone 4.

iPad 2 uses IOS 4.3, which still has the same interface with IOS 4.2. This is quite disappointing because IOS does not have a lot of progress because IOS is still weak in the personalization and notification system. Pages menu is still exactly the same as any other IOS with the size of the icons are quite large. You can still change the wallpaper, icons rearranging, and create folders.

Currently most applications can already be used in a multitasking system coupled with the ability of dual-core processor Apple A5 makes all heavy applications can run simultaneously. By pressing the home button 2x, then you will be able to see applications that are running and able to switch applications quickly without major obstacles.


IPad 2 interface on the camera interface is similar to the camera used on the iPhone 4. Unfortunately iPad 2 camera can only take pictures at a resolution (960x720) pixels, or about 0.7 megapixels - the same with the camera on the iPod touch 4G. Besides iPad 2 does not have auto-focus feature to sharpen an image with a specific object - thus making close-ups a little blurred.

In terms of quality, we will be honest and to the point of the camera iPad 2 is disappointing. The resulting images have a poor detail and production of color images are also not as rich as we expected. What's worse is the performance of the camera in the room with low lighting conditions due to the resulting image has a lot of interference, which makes it look messy. So it can be said you can not make the camera iPad 2 as your primary camera.

Video Recorder

Meanwhile iPad 2 cameras can record 720p-quality video with 29 frames per second - which makes the video can be played back smoothly. The results of the video also has a satisfactory detail and we are also pleased with the results of the audio from a video that captures sound well without distortion at all.

Music Player

Although using the latest IOS but there is no new thing in music player. With dual-core processor features Cover Flow would not be a significant problem but unfortunately the music player is still the same as in the previous IOS. When playing a song music player will display the album cover, track information, and on-screen controls. But if you want to change the equalizer settings, you must look at the Settings Menu. Because the speakers on the iPad 2 is placed in the corner, speakers iPad 2 was better in the dissemination of audio and also be able to generate strong tones. Even the speaker does not sound broken when tuned with a high volume.

Video player

Although the iPad 2 using a 4:3 ratio but watch a video on the iPad 2 is still very enjoyable. Also coupled with the ability to dual-core processor Apple A5 makes high-definition video is not a problem at all when played. With a very smooth video playback coupled with colors that looked alive and rich in detail, it is undeniable that the iPad 2 is one of a very good tablet PCs to be used to watch the video.

Frankly browsing experience with iPad 2 is still the most pleasant experience compared to other tablet PCs. Browser capable of scrolling with a very smooth and very responsive when pinch-to-zoom. Web sites that are complicated and heavy perfectly able to be raised as in desktop browsers. Combining fast response and excellent display, web browsing with iPad 2 was so much fun.


To iPad 2 version of 3G, iPad 2 uses a quad-band GSM and quad-band UMTS. Then coupled with 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi is still able to keep the signal to remain strong despite the considerable distance of 30 meters. In addition there are also features aGPS which will identify your location and Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR for connectivity with other wireless devices.



- Design an impressive thin
- Super performance from dual-core processor Apple A5
- There is a video chat feature
- The sale price that fits


- Poor quality camera
- IOS is not very developed

Specifications iPad 2:
Dimensions: 24.1 x 18.5 x 0.8 cm with 607 grams
Display: LED-backlit IPS TFT, 9.7 inches, (768x1024) pixel, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Storage: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
Connectivity: 3G HSDPA; HSUPA, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n, Bluetooth v2.1
Camera: 0.7 MP, (960x720) pixel (rear), VGA (front)
OS: IOS 4.3
CPU: Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, Apple A5 chipset

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