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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Choosing the Right iPad

We did not think that the beginning of 2012, Apple iPad tablet still dominates the market. Apple iPad 2 comes with dual-core processors and demonstrate excellent sales figures since its launch. All the retailers reported running out of stock. Because the iPad 2 have almost no rival. Many dual-core Android tablets that delayed its release so that consumers are becoming impatient.

On the other hand, since the launch of the Apple iPad 2, the first generation iPad prices have dropped dramatically. Price iPad first generation is now equal to or less expensive than tablets Android. For example, the 3G 16GB iPad sold about Rp500.000 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 16 GB. With a good mode of pricing and competition is minimal, I wonder if iPad dominate.

If you are also getting interested to choose the Apple iPad, the first thing seen may be a rich assortment of variants. Every generation has six different variants of the capacity and connectivity so that a total of twelve variants of the iPad on the market today. We try to help you determine which one is most appropriate iPad for you.

iPad 1 vs. iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 and iPad first generation to have some differences, but the most important of course is price. With the same capacity and connectivity, the price of this second generation iPad adrift about two million dollars. Does it fit with the features and performance improvement gained?

As already mentioned, iPad 2 uses a dual-CPU and GPU cores. However, that does not mean iPad 2 only two times faster. Tests show that in 3D gaming, the iPad 2 gives the performance of 4x - 9x faster than the iPad 1. Increased very significantly.

Another advantage is the availability of iMovie on the iPad 2. This application is useful for video processing. Unfortunately, this application can not be installed on the iPad 1. iPad 2 also can display the entire appearance on the external display, a function called mirroring. This feature is not yet available on the iPad 1.

However, the most significant feature difference may lie in the ability to jailbreak. Until now, Apple iPad 2 still has not been able to in-jailbreak. As we mentioned earlier, jailbreak allows you to install a lot of tweaks that Apple did not pass the filter, including the applet to avoid spies. If you want more freedom to use your Apple iPad, the best option today is the first generation iPad.


If you are able to determine which one is more suitable generation, you then need to determine the required connectivity. WiFi iPad would only be able to connect to the internet via WiFi. One of our colleagues who already have a mobile hotspot (MiFi) said that he no longer requires a 3G iPad.

However, it was not only the difference. As we describe in the previous article, the iPad 3G has a GPS receiver, something that is not owned iPad WiFi. If you frequently use Google Maps, or quite often travel to out of town, the GPS feature would be very useful.


iPad is available in capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. If your funds are sufficient, certainly could not hurt to choose the greatest capacity for the iPad does not allow storage expansion. However, the exact capacity will be better for the more budget-oriented.

From the table above, you can get an idea about the true capacity of each variant iPad. Users are more focused on browsing, photo, book, or song, will not be short with a capacity of 16 GB. If you like reading magazines or playing games, iPad 32 GB is sufficient. Meanwhile, if you plan to make the iPad as a private cinema, iPad 64 GB is the only option.

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