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Sunday, January 1, 2012

HUAWEI U8800 Pro Android Smartphone Coming Soon in Indonesia

Huawei recently Indonesia flooded the market with an Android smartphone and tablet menarikdan affordable. If our assumption is correct, Huawei U8800 Pro will be the next Android products are present in Indonesia.

Huawei is a renowned manufacturer of telecommunications equipment that reliably but can offer their products at a price of "tilt". The same applies to the products of Huawei Android smartphone. Therefore, no wonder if we are very interested in the launch of Android products. An interest led us to an indication of the presence of another new Android smartphone from Huawei, namely U8800 Pro series. Indications are we obtained from the reports already completed the certification process undertaken by the smartphone. Keep in mind, this is not the U8800 Ideos Smartphone previous X5. Consider the following specifications.

This data was obtained from the specification freely circulating on the Internet. Products that go into Indonesia may have different specifications.

By carrying out the screen 3.8 "and the Qualcomm MSM8255 processor 1 GHz, this smartphone should be priced at affordable prices. In the class of similar existing SE Xperia and Samsung Galaxy Neo W. Both are sold at a range below 3 million dollars. So, should U8800 Pro will be sold at a price equal to or even below those two competitors. If the Pro U8800 U8800 intended to replace the market (Ideos X5), the price could reach the range of under 2.5 million!

Do U8800 Pro will present exactly the same as the picture (which circulate on the Internet) and whether the specifications are the same with our estimates (and leaked on the Internet)? Let us forward on the game.

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