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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Could the Apple logo on the iPhone Turns

 Could the Apple logo on the iPhone Turns
Owner MacBook Pro and MacBook Air may be happy with the way the Apple logo on the back of the laptop screen they will shine when the device is activated. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide that feature on the iPhone.

Actually, the Apple logo on the iPhone 4 or 4S can also be lit. This can be done by modifying the device. A company called KO Gadgets from China, shared way of modifying it. According to them, the user can do at home without special equipment, and only takes 5 minutes.

This modification does not use a panel or rear casing of the original iPhone. It takes a mod kit or rear panel of the iPhone made ​​by KO Gadget. The difference is, the Apple logo on the mod kit is made transparent so that it can be slit emits light.

Then, from where it came from the light? You simply add a small lamp placed on the back of the iPhone, and the Apple logo will be lit. Apple logo that lights up when the iPhone screen is activated, when you receive messages and incoming calls, and when the alarm sounds.

KO gadget claims that the light does not affect performance or make the iPhone battery gets hot. Moreover, the addition of a small lamp in the back of the iPhone did not make the thickness increases.

KO Gadget provides mod kit is priced at 42.90 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 386 thousand. Prices may not include postage. One more thing you need to know. This modification will make you lose your iPhone warranty.

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