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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rumors About the iPhone 5 Complete

Rumors About the iPhone 5 Complete
Confusing news about the iPhone 5 had been long outstanding, even before the iPhone officially launched 4S. Excitement about the iPhone 5 are expected to be the best smartphone from Apple has been developing since the beginning of this year.

Here are 5 complete rumors about the iPhone 5, as quoted by T3:

1. New iPhone Design
Many sources say, the iPhone 5 will have a new design that is much different from the design of the iPhone 4 or 4S. This latest smartphone from Apple will be look bigger, but the panel is smaller, so it definitely looks thinner and lighter.
In addition, the images are offered Apple's latest smartphone is sure to be more clearly and certainly no one-even a little gap so that it displays a more subtle picture. Power absorbed by the iPhone also claimed to be smaller, so the battery can last longer. The use of cameras will also be upgraded to 8MP.

2. Using A5 Processor
iPhone will use a chipset that overhauled in order to compete with Android smartphone. Most likely Apple will use the A5 dual core processor with power up to 1.5 GHz from Qualcomm.

3. Using high resolution LCDs from Toshiba
Toshiba reportedly will build a new plant in Ishikawa region that will produce high-resolution LCD panels for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Even the original vendor of this country Sakura has budgeted $ 1, 3 billion to build a factory that makes targeted 8.5 million LCD units per month.

Half of these funds are funds from Apple and the factory will begin producing LCD for iPhone 5 at the end of this year. It seems that Toshiba will work closely with two other Japanese vendors such as Sony and Hitachi Mobile to develop a new ecosystem with the name Toshiba Mobile Display.

4. Already Using Near Field Communication (NFC)
The use of NFC features continue to grow and analysts predict the use of NFC in mobile phones will increase to 50 percent during 2012.

Analysts believe iPhone 5 will certainly be using NFC, because they do not want to lag behind the Windows Phone (WP) or Android, which previously had to use those features. Benjamin Vigier Mobile Commerce Manager of the new Apple says, "the future NFC will present a new experience for customers and will be helpful when users want to enjoy a morning coffee at Starbuck's to create a Paypal-based barrcode Mobile."

5. Integrated SIM Card
To facilitate purchases online iPhone, Apple will bring iPhone 5 to include an integrated SIM card. Apple's attempt to establish a network in accordance with customer demand. The integrated chip is rumored to offer features that will carry identification information, and finally did the network providers can directly regulate the appropriate service for the iPhone 5.

Apple sales deals like this, can help streamline the user time to wait for the appropriate network with the iPhone 5 by telecom operators.

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