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Sunday, January 15, 2012

iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer, Enjoy 3D on the iPhone

iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer, Enjoy 3D on the iPhone
It is undeniable that the iPhone is a versatile device current. Not only as a communication tool, because its functionality has been shifted to a much wider realm, games, videos, and other applications.

An interesting addition is also very useful. You are one of the users who frequently use the iPhone to watch videos? What about 3D video?

Many ways to enjoy 3D video content from your iPhone. There TOYin3D, an enhancement that allows you to enjoy stereoscopic 3D content from any smartphone, without having to install any special software.

However, if you want a more elegant design or futuristic, it could be the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer is the right choice. The device costs $ 49.95 This is a tandem that matches the iPhone to enhance the 3D experience. Then how does it work?

The device is pairing with a built-in accelerometer in the iPhone along with the applications that can be downloaded free of charge, enabling 3D content loaded whenever the iPhone is paired. Yes, 3D content will move when you move the iPhone. Hold the device may feel like holding a pair of binoculars. Two finger holes at the bottom allows you to access the touchscreen iPhone.

Not only can you watch a 3D movie trailers, interactive games you can also enjoy, including underwater adventure with the movement of 360 degrees to hunt and find the treasure, or just want to tour nearby attractions.

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