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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sony Smart Accessories, Gadgets For Android Phone

Sony Smart Accessories, Gadgets For Android Phone
At Sony's 2012 CES event brings various new products that have been waiting like a smartphone Xperia and Xperia S ions. In addition, Sony also showed off 4 pieces of new gadgets to complement their Android devices.

To 4 devices are.

* Xperia ™ Smart Tags, NFC device which memungkinakn a small token that is used to melucurkan pre-configured and personalized setting when we do a swipe at the NFC in Android smartphones. If you are working for example, users simply touch the phone to the smart tag of 'work' then the calendar application can be directly run. If at home, smart tags can be configured to enter silent mode so as not to interfere with rest.

* Smart Pro Wireless Headset, Bluetooth ™ stereo headset that can work as a standalone MP3 music player and radio when not connected to the phone. This gadget has 2GB of internal memory which can be expanded via microSD slot. This device also features two-line display and use Bluetooth 3.0.

* SmartWatch, micro display for Android to connect wirelessly and can display all messages and notifications from our mobile phones. SmartWatch can vibrate, has an accelerometer, and dust and splash resistant.

* SmartDock for Xperia Ion, an HDMI docking device that makes the Xperia ™ Ion into a mini-PC by connecting it to a USB keyboard, mouse and a bigger TV screen. Developers can program the accessories on the Android system for a particular application that will help users complete a job more easy and simple.

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