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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New BlackBerry Roadmap in the Year 2012

After pointing Cheif new Executive Officer, Research In Motion (RIM) certainly anticipated what products are going to come out of the year this 2012. Although there has been no definite news, following rumors that might be realized.

Canadian vendor is going to land the first BlackBerry-based OS 10 in the second quarter of 2012, which is predicted to be present two versions. After that RIM is also likely to be presenting two versions of the Curve family.

Rumors also confirm the existence of the use Playbook HSPA 1.5 GHz processor which includes support for features Near Field Communication (NFC). Tablets are predicted to be present between the months of May or June, will be supported 42Mbps HSPA network. The latest BlackBerry rumored to be named London, will be launched in September and a QWERTY Bold will be launched in December.

Here is a rumor that was reported:
* RIM plans to launch two new products Curve, namely: BlackBerry Curve 9230 which operates on the EDGE network and the BlackBerry 9320 which operates on the HSPA network.
* Although its size is unknown, RIM will introduce a new Playbook with 1.5 GHz processor, and supports HSPA networks as well as NFC in about May / June.
* BlackBerry London seems to be launched in September.
* There will be 10 BlackBerry Bold will be the latest and planned to attend in December.
* A BlackBerry-shaped slider 10, to be launched in the first quarter of 2013.

While Thorsten Heins has said the release date of these plans, we have not heard of any device Playbook with LTE capabilities, so let's wait

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