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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thorsten Heins, CEO of New Research in Motion

After the duo bosses Research in Motion (RIM) resigned, Thorsten Heins was appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to continue the revival of business the Canadian company. Thorsten Heins was none other than RIM are still people in ...

Who previously served as Chief Operating Officer (COO). previously he had experienced over the past two decades at Siemens AG. In the German firm Heins've run several roles, ranging from the research and development to product management. As the new CEO of the challenges facing not only a struggle against the dominance of Apple's and Google's Android. 54-year-old man also needs to fend off competition from Microsoft which recently released a new line of Windows Phone.

Heins said his current role will bring RIM into the next phase. And the first step to be taken is to find a new chief marketing to communicate with the consumer market. "We will work on the consumer market without sacrificing the company. I am here not to escape from the U.S. market. I am here to achieve it, "said Heins.

Heins said the most urgent concern is to sell the line BlackBerry smartphone OS 7, issued a software update in February Playbook to come, then prepare the launch of the Blackberry smart phones based on 10 for this year. BlackBerry 10 calls will be fantastic and will guide the future of this company.

Anything that is currently occurring in the body of RIM, Heins must immediately make changes, among which are:

1. Repair software
Since 2002, RIM's business is always rubbing against the Silicon Valley. Bruce Dunlevie, a partner at Benchmark Capital, has said that RIM's hardware really stuck in the past because it does not have the support software that is qualified, let alone help from Silicon Valley. Increasingly lagging behind the BlackBerry platform from IOS and Android, especially the sinking platform vendor has experienced great success, such as Apple and Samsung.

2. App World Development and Developer
To be able to compete with Apple's App Store and Android Market from Android, RIM urged to improve its application and its virtual store developers (developers) who sell there application. This is because the App World is still considered less competitive and not providing value-added revenue for the company when compared to the App Store or Android Market.

3. RIM's stock price returns the
Since the iPhone embed global positioning system (GPS) in mobile in 2008, RIM's shareholders lost 70 billion dollars or about 82 percent of the value of the company. Until now, RIM's enterprise value of only 8 billion dollars, far less than Apple's still 400 billion U.S. dollars.

4. Increase sales of BlackBerry phones
Based on the source CNet, BlackBerry phones - especially those that use the BlackBerry platform 10 - also canceled launched until mid-2012. Speculation about the unpreparedness of the platform should be pushed over with the launch of a powerful device, especially a better than previous devices. This was done so that RIM did not lag further and further from its competitors.

5. Improvements BlackBerry Playbook
BlackBerry Playbook is considered as failed for the rim because the product did not sell despite all-out sale. Heins job ahead is to increase sales of the BlackBerry tablet with a reliable platform and provides benefits for application developers in it.

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