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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nokia 3330 Specifications

Nokia 3330 is a GSM 900/1800 mobile phone, an internal antenna, the output Nokia. This mobile phone was launched in 2001 to complement the features of Nokia 3310 is similar. But in fact the Nokia 3310, which was launched a year earlier, a competitor of this product in the mobile phone market, especially in Indonesia. The similarity of outward form design, which features nearly resembles, and the price is cheaper because the first was launched into a number of factors that cause the Nokia 3310 still compete with the Nokia 3330.


Nokia 3330 weighs 133g, battery included with a standard size. In addition, although not sold in the Indonesian market, there is also the type of Nokia 3330 is made lighter with the weight of 108G, is included with the specifications and heavy batteries are made different from the standard size batteries. The overall size is 113 x 48 x 22 mm. The screen has 84 x 48 pixels with a color display in black and white. The main keys of this type is the Nokia blue button in the middle of a cell phone that works to enter the menu. The 'C' function to delete or cancel orders. Up and down function buttons for navigation. To turn on or turn off the cell phone is, use the black button located at the top. Design exterior frame can be replaced with a variety of models that excluded a wide range of companies producing mobile phone accessories. The design created a standard number keypad types of Nokia mobile phones that is button 1, 2 (a, b, c), 3 (d, e, f) is made at the top; then followed by the 4 (g, h, i), 5 (j , k, l), 6 (m, n, o) below; and 7 (p, q, r, s), 8 (t, u, v), 9 (w, x, y, z), and last * (+, p, w), 0 (distance), #.

Battery Life

With the battery 900 mAh Li-Ion, the active period of this cell phone is a maximum of 260 hours, whereas if it is used for the call, the active period to a maximum of 4 hours 30 minutes. To recharge the battery, with the type of ACP-7 charger takes 4 hours. While the type of ACP-8 charger takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery.
With a battery 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery that has a lighter weight, the active period is a maximum of 260 hours, and if used for the call, the active period to a maximum of 4 hours and 45 minutes. To recharge the battery, with the type of ACP-7, it takes 4 hours 30 minutes. As for the type of ACP-8 is required at least 3 hours.


Features offered by the Nokia 3330 is a reminder of the time, which still function as mobile phones are switched off, calculator, games (Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi, and bumper), and other games that can be downloaded by WAP 1.1 ( II mazes, Bumper tables, Space Impact chapters) moving images, the logo on the main screen, and so forth. In addition, the WAP service can also be used for banking purposes, and other entertainments, but in this mobile phone opening a HTML website, can not be done. Features store phone numbers in phone can accommodate up to 100 numbers, plus the 250 phone numbers can be stored on the SIM card (SIM card in accordance with the specification used).
Nokia 3330 is also equipped with instant messaging feature that could enable the writing of three times more than a short message to another mobile phone. Delivery of picture messages can also be done on this cell phone. Chat feature is one of the new features in the Nokia of this type, which allows users to converse with other users through writing or text. Mobile phones can also conduct a conference call to a maximum of 6 other users in the same time.
Nokia 3330 has 35 monophonic ring tones that already exist in them and can be added with 7 ring tones can be downloaded or else by making the composers themselves through the menu. The level of violence when there is an incoming call voice either telephone or text message is in the level 0-10. Profile menu can be changed in accordance with the user desires. For example when we're meeting and did not allow removing a cell phone ringing when a call that could disrupt the meeting, we can set it and will only need to select the profile.

Additional Accessories

The battery charger while in the car
Docking using a computer or portable computer
Gloves protective exoskeleton
Protective screen against scratches
Handsfree (ear connection with a cell phone without holding the mobile phone)
Buffer cell phone to be put in the car


Some ways you can do to take care of this Nokia 3330 mobile phone, namely:
Do not be put in place that are too hot or too humid
Do not be exposed to harsh chemicals
The inside should not be exposed to water
Do not try to open the contents of a cell phone without any special skills
Although built tough, too hard knocks can also damage the inside of a cell phone
Keep out of reach of children under age
Use a battery charger, and other mobile phone accessories that fit

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