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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nokia E-Cu, Cell Phone Without the Charger

Seemed Nokia mobile phones are being experimented for its future. Now the Finnish vendor shows that cell phone batteries can be re-filled automatically when inserted into his pockets.

Nokia E-Cu (E for Environment, Cu for Cooper), that's the appeal of radical addition to its design, this concept phone designed by Patrick Hyland, a designer from London. The basic principle is this phone to change the heat generated when the phone was in the bag into electrical energy that can be used to charge the battery.

The back was full of copper that can convert heat into electrical energy, not only from the pocket only. Hyland said this is the future of mobile concepts that do not need a charger, would be increasingly protecting the environment and also save energy.

Previously, it has also introduced a prototype of Nokia phones that use radio waves or electromagnetic radiation as a source of power. Wait and see whether the two technologies are eventually marketed a future time.

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