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Sunday, February 12, 2012

BlackBerry Bellagio Features

BlackBerry Bellagio Features
Here are five features of Bellagio flagship product BlackBerry made ​​by Research in Motion (RIM) is.

1. Using the BlackBerry operating system 7

This is the latest generation BlackBerry operating system. A single platform makes the application more innovative and more smart phones present. BlackBerry 7 also includes a feature that is more functional.

2. Features a near field communication

Technology near field communication (NFC) allows smartphonedapat used to support the electronic wallet services sepertiGoogle Wallet and supports a variety of electronic payment transactions.

3. facilitate socialization

Bellagio is integrated with features that allow users to easily share via social networking sites. In fact, users can also run the tap function. The result, so e-mail delivery faster, video and photo sharing even easier.

4. Touch and type

BlackBerry Bold 9790 can be operated using a touch screen or use the qwerty keyboard. This is the second smartphoneBlackBerry that combines a touch screen with qwerty keyboard. The first product to combine the two is the Bold 9900.

5. Processor and Memory

Bellagio brings a 1GHz processor speed and memory capacity of 768MB RAM. Combination of both makes the operation of the smartphone so much faster and better. In addition, the product is also equipped with a capacity of 8GB of memory expandable up to 32GB with a memory card installed.

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